Halfway to Baby!

At almost 23 weeks, I’m a few weeks past the half-way point with our baby GIRL!  Caroline Diane is due at the end of July…

It's a GIRL!

It’s a GIRL!


On the health and weight front, I’m up nearly 20 pounds, matching my heaviest weight ever.  For good reason of course, but I can’t help but be a little freaked out by seeing the scale go up.  I’m sure those of you who’ve struggled with weight your whole lives can relate to this!  Obviously dieting is out of the question, but I’m only supposed to gain 25-35 pounds, so I do need to pay attention and slow down the gain.  What’s more, I’ve read that what you eat during pregnancy can influence the what your baby will like.  Well I certainly don’t want this kid liking chocolate and candy more than veggies!  Time to get back on juice and veggie smoothies, which I’ve neglected since getting pregnant.

Exercise is much more challenging these days.  It was usually out of the question during my first trimester, as I spent much of it sick and feeling accomplished just to get out of bed and go to work for 12 hours a day.  I’m feeling better in my second trimester and have resumed daily walks, and occasionally a light jog or the elliptical machine.  Back and belly pain has slowed me down quite a bit, which is quite aggravating being a lifetime athlete to feel so limited!  It helps push me forward to think of keeping myself and my baby healthy, and selfishly, to shed the baby weight quickly post-baby.  I found a selfie that I took just before getting pregnant, when I was in the best shape of my life!  I will post it later and use it as my motivation to get my body back.  Meanwhile, I’ll continue the daily grind.


Ladies, for those that have been through pregnancy, I’d love to hear about your healthy journey, before and after!

Life throws some crazy curveballs.  After 11 years of marriage and multiple reproductive issues that I won’t go into, we had assumed and accepted that kids were just not in the cards for us, and had even planned to start the adoption process soon.  Then one day, life just happens.

Do you beleive in divine intervention?  I’m not a very religious person, but do beleive in a higher power, and lately it really feels like He’s working through me.  First, there’s the move home to Nashville, and the crazy work events that led up to that point.  Our families both live in the area and were ecstatic.  Then my mother-in-law got very sick during the transition, and sadly, passed away just a week before we moved home.  She wanted so badly for her baby son to be a father, and I can’t help but think back to the bible verse that “the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away” (Job 1:21).  Then my mother says she had a vision during my mother-in-laws funeral that we would have a baby within a year.  Within a month I was pregnant.

OH MY GOSH!  So… it seems my blog is shifting to healthy pregnancy!

Fit Pregnancy

Hello Juice!

Wow, has it really been 3 years?  Yes, and happy to say that I’m still going strong!  It’s been 3 long years since I committed to a healthier life, and a lot has happened in that time.  Probably the most impactful has been that we’ve moved TWICE, and now live in Nashville, Tennessee.

Our new home sweet home in Music City (Nashville)!

I’ve read that moving is one of the most stressful things a person can live through, and can cause an upheaval in routines and healthy habits alike.  I fell off the wagon during the first move, from Knoxville to Columbus, Ohio, and had to work my tail off to get back on track, but learned my lesson and had a much better outcome during the recent move.  In fact, I finally hit my lifetime goal weight, despite travelling 90% of the time, and am still losing weight without hardly trying!  How, you ask?  Read on…

First, let’s recap my year-end weigh ins.  This is a lifestyle change, afterall, so how have I done keeping it off in 3 years?


Starting Weight: 144 pounds (December, 2010)

1 year Weight: 135 pounds (December, 2011)

2 year Weight: 137 pounds (December, 2012) … after the first move!

2.5 year Weight: 132 pounds (June, 2013)

3 year (current) Weight: 124 pounds (November, 2013)

Fat Sick Nearly DeadSpring, 2012… While still striving to lose the few pounds I gained during the move, and continue my quest to be my healthiest self, I happen upon an amazing documentary about Juicing called “Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead”.  If you guys haven’t seen this, you need to check it out!  I’m sure you’ve noticed that over the past couple of years, a lot of fresh juice bars are popping up (even Starbucks started one), and many of these small business owners will tell you this movie is what inspired them.  Within a few days of watching the move, I bought a $400 juicer, a cart full of produce, and started juicing.  I felt great, and it did help lose a few pounds, but wow, it’s a lot of work to buy, clean, chop, juice, and clean up!  And it only last 2 days in the fridge, so you’re going through that process constantly.  I continued to juice off and on, but my work schedule made it impossible to make it part of my daily life.

Fast forward to August, 2013… I have the amazing opportunity to not only take a better, less stressful job, but move home to Nashville where both my husband and I have family.  The catch?  My first 4 months will be spent working remotely in Atlanta.  Hmm, travel is usually a diet killer!  I was terrified of the daily food decisions, while living in hotels and eating out frequently.  My first week was a diet disaster; something had to change before it was too late.  Enter juice again.  Upon doing a little research, I discovered that Atlanta has many highly-rated juice bars, and some of them deliver!  So I signed up for a “3-day cleanse” from DTox Juice to get started.  Nothing but vegetable (& a little fruit) juice and nut milk for 3 days!  They delivered daily to my hotel, and I took them to work.  It was so easy not having to even think about food; every few hours, I just pulled out a juice.  I ended up going almost 5 days on the juice cleanse before adding back food, starting with dinner, and then snacks too, even having a few splurge meals here and there.  I continued to order juice weekly, sometimes just subbing 1-2 meals a day, or supplementing for veggies when none were available.  Three months later, not only did I maintain my weight, but it keeps falling!  Somehow I expect that each time I step on the scale, even after returning to more solid foods, I’ll rebound back to my old weight, but the scale just keeps falling.   I’m now down to 124 pounds, a full 20 pounds lighter than when I started 3 years ago… it always amazes to imagine that like 2 bowling balls!

The best part, however, has not been my own personal weight loss, it’s been the impact on others around me.  Both my husband and even my father-in-law have become juice converts, which makes me so proud!  My self-proclaimed “meatitarian” husband had a couple of traumatic life events that forced him to think about his health, and after seeing all of my success, decided juice might be the answer for him as well.  He started by sampling some of my juice, which he had so often deemed “disgusting” previously, and suddenly discovered they weren’t so bad afterall.  He even learned how to use my juicer and presses some of his own juice concoctions; picking up made-to-order juice at Juice Bar the rest of the time.


It’s an exciting time, especially with the holidays upon us!  I’d love to hear from you… how are your healthy journeys going??  Let us know!

Hello, blog world!  I’m long overdue for an update.

First up, a couple of you asked about my company’s team weight loss challenge… well my 2-person team did not win, as my partner dropped out early on and I was travelling with work so much that I missed a couple of the weigh-ins.  But alas, I did manage to drop the winter bloat and am back down to my 14-year low of 129 pounds.  So I’m feeling pretty good!  Still 4 pounds to go to my goal of 125, and my new cycling adventure is helping with that!

At the end of July, my husband and I will join hundreds of athletes, volunteers and community supporters in the 26th Annual Wish-A-Mile Bicycle Tour, benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation.​ We’ll start our 3-day, 300-mile ride in Traverse City, MI, and snake our way across the state, ending at the Michigan International Speedway.​  This is my husband’s 4th time on this ride, and he convinced me to go this year.  The training reminds me a lot of marathon training – total dedication to several hours of long rides every weekend, plus shorter rides during the week.  I’ve had to start back on MyFitnessPal to make sure I get enough calories, which is an odd change from cutting back.  It would be so easy to eat 3,000 bad calories of burgers, fried foods, and my favorite desserts, but your body needs healthy foods to fuel peak performance!

So here’s to a great bike ride, and finally reaching my 125-pound goal weight!  I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer.

You can read more about the ride, or donate to make our wish-kid’s dream come true at:  http://wam.kintera.org/rhurst

WAM 145











Howdy everyone!  I’m overdue for a new blog.  Life has been so hectic (for all of us I’m sure), that I’ve not been putting too much thought into food.  Making good choices most of the time, but way too many bad meals and not enough motivation!  So my employer has started a new program through our fitness center called “The Biggest Winner”, a take on the popular TV show ” The Biggest Loser”.  Basically it’s a team challenge where the goal is to lose the largest percentage of weight over an 8-week period.  We’re 3-weeks in and I’m only down 1 pound.  5-weeks to go with some pretty aggressive catching up to do!

Lacking motivation yourself?  Get a team together and challenge each other in some way!  Or even better, bond together and join a local challenge!  There are all sorts of interesting ideas online.  This is such a great time of year to get outside and burn some extra calories doing things you enjoy – whether walking, biking, organized sports, whatever floats – or paddles – your boat.  What other ideas do you guys have to boost motivation?

The other great thing about Summer – awesome, fresh produce!  A while back, I promised to post some information about SuperFoods, many of which can be found at your local farmers market.  Below is a cool article I clipped a couple of years ago and have had it posted on my refrigerator ever since.  I try to incorporate these into as many meals as possible!



Hello blog world!  I want to tell you about my new adventure as a Stylist for Stella & Dot!  I love their jewelry, handbags, and other accessories, so I finally decided, why not sell it?  I’m not quitting my day job anytime soon, but am super excited about my new part-time opportunity!

Don’t worry, I am not going to start daily jewelry blogs, but I might post a few sales here and there!   What better way to celebrate all our hard work towards healthy diets and workouts than with stunning jewelry?

Check it out.  The summer line is truly gorgeous.  Check it out…


S&D Trunk Show


S&D Summer 2013





Yep, it’s that time of year again.   Millions of girl scout cookies are now flooding our streets.  But don’t be confused by the title,  I’m not insinuating that girl scout cookies are a super-food… quite the opposite actually!  We’d probably have to detox on super-foods for a week to rid our bodies of the artery-clogging, thigh-sticking crap in those cookies.  I speak from experience, as I grew up a girl scout myself and love the darn things.  But after downing 8 little Samoas in the bat of an eye over the weekend, which cost me a whopping 560 calories / 28 grams fat / 40 grams sugar, I’m seriously focusing on those super-foods this week!!  



I found a very interesting blog on this subject, for anyone that’s interested, or just need a reason to say no to the alluring colorful box probably beckoning to you in your office right now… no doubt put there by someone trying to get them out of their house and push the calories onto someone else (guilty).    Here’s a thought, next time you see those cute little girls outside your local grocery or hardware store, give them $3.50 and ask them to donate the cookies!



OK, now back to real Super-Foods.  I want to post more about this in a future blog, but first a question…

What do you consider your own personal super-food? 

Forget if it’s on the official list or not – what is your perfect food?  I think mine would have to be an apple, honey-crisp or pink lady to be exact.  It’s sweet and delicious like candy, full of fiber and other nutritious vitamins, fairly clean to eat, and easily portable for those on the go.  Plus, very yummy with combined with peanut or almond butter (almonds = super food all-star).  Speaking of which, that is one of my favorite business travel tricks… when you have your continental breakfast at the hotel, grab an apple and one of those little peanut-butter packs.  It makes for an awesome afternoon snack during the often 7+ hour lag between business lunch & dinner!



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