Sweet Success

I feel so good today.  I’m on day 5 of my reincarnated healthy habits, have not had any “bad days” and yet also don’t feel deprived.  My goal is simple – eat healthy and exercise regularly.  Seems easy, right?  Sugar is my nemesis, and rather than ridding my entire house of it after our brownie binge, I decided that keeping it in the house, along with a couple pints of ice cream and M&M’s leftover from a weekend party, were good for training my will-power.  Then I got some more motivation last night when reading the new InStyle magazine and it referenced a new study that processed sugar leads to acne.  I’ve had mild acne most of my life, so perhaps this is a big factor?  OMG!  Just one more reason to cut out the crap.

Sweet Success!!!

I did it – woohoo!!  I completed my 2 day juice fast, and even spent over an hour last night prepping meals for this week without nibbling.  I feel fabulous today, down 5 pounds in water weight so I’m feeling very lean too and motivated to stick to my healthy eating habits.

Oh, and my garden seeds are popping up like crazy!  Very cool.  I’m not sure why this is so fascinating to me — didn’t we all do this experiment in elementary school? — but it is still so amazing to see life growing right before your eyes just by dropping a few tiny specs into dirt.  More pictures coming soon.