Is it Spring Yet?

Major tease last Sunday with a gorgeous 70-degree day, and then it snowed twice this week.  Spring, please hurry up!  I enjoyed the warm day so much that it was crazy cardio day.  Did an early 3-mile jog, then walked the 3-mile round-trip to my HOA meeting, and lastly, went for a 20-mile bike ride with my husband.  That’s about 900 calories burned!  Maybe that played a role in my nice number on the scale this week.


Starting Weight: 137 pounds (December 30, 2012)

Current Weight: 129 pounds (March 15, 2013)

My Goal: 125 pounds (Deadline April 12, 2013)


Next week I’m back on the road again, to Atlanta this time, where I’m well known for my love of desserts.  Dangit.  They actually booked the hotel based on who had the best cookies!  Thankfully, I know of a few good parks to go jogging and either encourage me to stay strong, or burn off my indiscretions.

Speaking of cookies, I just can’t help but bring back my favorite cookie cartoon… HA HA HA!  Have a great weekend!

If Cookie Monster went on a diet...

If Cookie Monster went on a diet…

Another Monday and Feeling Great!

Normally I hate Mondays – I can’t seem to ever get ready on time and always manage to spill my breakfast in haste.  Alas, today did not start out much better.  I dumped a drink in my car (thankfully water) and was later to work than I had planned since I had an 8am meeting to prepare for.  I feel great, however, because I weighed in at 135!  Woohoo!  I only did a 3-day Detox this time around, since I need more calories for my beloved workouts, but that 3 days was all it took to get back on track and feel completely de-bloated.  It’s amazing how quickly you can lose the bloat, but also amazing how quickly you can put it back on with a couple of bad meals! 

So I plan to keep sticking to the basic Cinch methodology — 4 small evenly spaced meals using the 5 puzzle pieces (produce, whole grain, lean protein, plant-based fat, healthy seasonings) — but also incorporate some other meals from our P90X and Eat Clean Diet books.  Both have some good recipes in them that will work with my 4-meal strategy.  I made a quick menu yesterday afternoon and prepped my meals for the next few days.  I’m going to take a little more casual approach this time around and not obsess over a menu spreadsheet, but still share on my blog.  Here’s today’s plan, which adds up to about 1200 calories:

  • Pre-workout Snack (5am) – Grapes
  • Breakfast (7am) – 1 egg, cooked spinach, 1 slice toast with drizzle of honey
  • Lunch (11am) – Humbeque sandwich (tuna, hummus, bbq, spinach, avocado)
  • Snack (3pm) – Greek yogurt with berries and almonds
  • Dinner (7pm) – Chicken cordon bleu with cooked carrots

I did an amazing thing over the past week: I had 3 boxes of girl scout cookies (weak moment) plus Easter candy (another weak moment) in my pantry and did not touch them!!  Then at church they announced that they were going to be collecting food every Sunday for donation, so when I got home, I made a donation bag with the cookies and Easter candy, plus some other healthier options.   Later that night I had some serious temptations to break out the donation bag, but managed to overcome them.  It seems that these temptations were triggered by one bite of Red Velvet Cake Sundae that I had made for my husband.  Hence, I plan to skip the daily chocolate indulgence called for in the Cinch plan.  The slightest taste of sugar turns me into a ravenous cookie-monster.  I think it’s time to break out my favorite picture:

If Cookie Monster went on a diet...


Have a great Monday everyone!!

Cinch Day 5

Day 5… finally.

It’s 4:30pm, 2 hours past my 3rd meal of the day and 2 hours until my next, and I really want to eat something.  It’s not that I’m hungry, I’m just tired (didn’t sleep last night) and crabby, and thus am looking for my emotional rescue in food. Funny, I never thought of myself as an emotional eater, but I guess I am.

Today has been fine.  No cravings for anything particular and had not been hungry until now.  I will persevere and finish out the day – why quit when I’m so close to the finish line?  I was proud of myself today for twice being in arm’s reach of a candy dish and not digging in.  Actually, I didn’t event want it, so I guess that’s a step in the right direction.  I’m eager to step on the scale tomorrow morning and see where I stand after the detox phase, but my weekly weigh-in isn’t until Friday.

Thinking ahead, I’ve got several long meetings this week that involve a meal and I’m feeling very nervous, since meals away from home are usually where I falter.  I even had a dream about it last night!  Maybe this seems silly, but the whole point of the diet is to eat a healthy small meal every 3-5 hours, so what if I’ve got long meetings during the times I’m supposed to eat?  I will not be pulling out my salmon meal in the middle of our meeting!  Not to mention the awkwardness of not eating while everyone else does and then dealing with everyone asking why you’re on a diet when you’re not fat.  You are right, I’m not “overweight”, but what you can’t see through my well-fitted clothes is that I actually have a small frame and have an extra layer of fat on top of it.  I’m on the upper-end of the healthy-weight range for my height, so what’s wrong with trying to lose a little?  Then there’s the bitter grocery store clerks who eye your “diet food” and make some remark about how I don’t need this stuff and they don’t understand why we are so obsessed with our weight.  Yes, this has happened to me twice, but we’re getting off subject now… 

OK, I know the goal of all this is to learn how to eat more healthily in real life.  This isn’t a TV show where your whole life stops while you’re on a diet.  It’s real life and we have to learn to eat well in real situations.  So back to tomorrow’s 11am to 3pm meeting… it’s a catered meal and there’s nothing diet-friendly.  Since I get up at 5am, I must have breakfast by 6 (must eat within 1 hour of waking), then I’ll stretch my own personal lunch until just before 11 and try to make it through the entire meeting without touching the cookie tray that will inevitably be sitting right in front of me. 

If Cookie Monster went on a diet...