Lessons from the Standing Desk Experiment

Two months in and I can’t even imagine going back to sitting!  I’m standing here dancing as I type this to my new “Dance” playlist.  It doesn’t get better than that in office world.  The only time I sit down is when I am eating my lunch, at which time I just shift to my lap-top at desk-level.

Standing Desk

Here’s some things I’ve learned:


  • More fun at work!  Yes, it’s true.  I’m having more fun by standing and often break out into sporadic dancing when Pandora happens upon a great song.  Now if only I could start standing through meetings.
  • More calories burned.  It’s estimated that I will burn between 80-200 extra calories per day just standing here.  I’m probably at the upper end of that since I’m rarely just standing… I’m a fidgeter, so I’m dancing around, bouncing, or doing “the mom sway”.  Reference:  Livestrong.com
  • Good role model.  Lots of people have stopped by curious what I’m doing.  1 has purchased their own standing desk, and several are starting their own paper-box test.  Score!


  • Cost 1: Initial investment in a new desk, desk-top converter, or some sort of adjustable contraption.  Link below.
  • Cost 2: You’ll need new shoes, but maybe this isn’t a con for most women.  LOL.  I have a pair of cheap black flats with comfy insoles that I keep at my desk.  I change into them when I’m wearing high heels.
  • Cost 3: For maximum comfort, even in good shoes, you’ll need an anti-fatigue mat.  Link below.


You’ll need a new desk, desk-top converter, or some sort of adjustable contraption.  Some companies might pay for this, but for now, I’m funding my experiment, so a new desk was out of the question.  I really liked the idea of an adjustable contraption, but none of the ones I found online seemed sturdy enough or big enough for my large-screen monitor, keyboard and mouse.  I ended up buying a Stand Steady Standing Desk, which is basically just an adjustable little table that sits on my desk.  The cost ($140) seems a little out of line for the product, but I don’t have the time or run around town looking for other contraptions, and this one looks appropriate for our office décor.


Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE shoes, and especially the high-heel variety. This does not work well for standing all day!  So my standing at work will have an impact on my future shoe purchases.  Just last week I was perusing the gorgeous heels at Nordstrom and passed them up in favor of a pair of cute flats on clearance.  I’d also like to invest in a nice, comfy, pair of work-appropriate loafers, but thus far I can’t find any that don’t make me feel like an old lady.  I’ve actually needed these for a long time, since I spend so much time on my feet when I travel for work, and normally wear a medium-heel boot that ends up killing my feet by end of day.

Stand By

So now I have to get back to standing at work.  I’ll be very interested to hear if any of you embark on similar experiments!

The Standing Desk Experiment

As I write this, I’m dancing at my desk. Yes, literally dancing from side to side. A wonderful side affect of this new standing desk idea, and probably a little bit of a workout too. So I had planned to try this for at least a week, using an empty legal paper box as the “desk” to see if I’d like it before spending money. Well after about 3 hours, I ordered it. I LOVE IT!  It won’t arrive until tomorrow (thanks Amazon Prime!) so in the meantime, my legal box will do.

Standing Desk 2

Standing Desk 1

I had read about the benefits of standing at your desk versus sitting, but finally decided to pull the trigger.  Here’s a great article about it:  Standing Desks Sit Well With More Employees

So it seems I’m the first “lone soldier” at my company, and so far, lots of people have stopped by and expressed interest in trying it.  I guess we’d better order more legal paper!

More soon when the new desk arrives.

5-Months Old!

I can’t believe it’s been 5-months since my little angel was born!

5 months

So you’re probably wondering how I’m doing with the post-baby weight-loss, since that is the origin of my blog.  Well, I should have listened to everyone and not put so much wasted effort into it while still breastfeeding!  Too much frustrating yo-yo dieting, only to realize the minute I start cutting too much, I lose milk supply.  Of course, her health is most important, so I stopped trying so hard… but then how to tame the cookie monster that will forever live inside me?  No easy task.  As everyone else told me the weight would start falling off after 4-5 months, and it did.

But alas, I’m about 6-pounds from my pre-baby weight, and most of my clothes fit again, although it feels like so much further because I think I’ve lost muscle mass too.  So… I’ve decided to embrace my softer self, enjoy my baby, and when she’s done with needing me for food, I’ll hit it hard again.

Next up, VACATION NEXT WEEK (woohoo!) and I’m going to experiment with a Standing Desk versus sitting all day.  I will post soon with the results!