Mom Jeans

So I wrote this last week and apparently forgot to publish…

I was in such a rush this morning that I almost didn’t notice that for the first time in about 8-months, I was able to button my favorite black pre-pregnancy pants. No more stretchy hair band needed to fasten the button! I was also quite shocked yesterday to slip into some smallish size jeans at one of my favorite stores. Since I don’t have a single pair of jeans right now that fit well, it was finally time to invest in a new pair. My seemingly-tiny old jeans (funny they didn’t seem so tiny a year ago), tease me from the closet every day. Time to hide those away for a while!

That is definitely one thing that was not well communicated – you may not fit into your old clothes for a while! Somehow we all think we will have the baby and bounce back quickly. I think I’ve bounced back more than most (judging from the frequent comments I get), but I still have several extra inches in my waist and hips that just don’t work with most of my very fitted pre-baby wardrobe. Oh well – look at this little face!!! I think I fall more in love every day…


2 months

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