Juice Fasting, Part 2

Well I didn’t think I would put myself through this sort of torture again, especially considering how much I love to eat, but I had already bought the juice and didn’t want to waste it.  The last time I tried, I made it 1.5 days before giving into a delectable plate of Asian food that our Culinary team whipped up (I work at a restaurant company).

So I’m now about 1.25 days into my 2-day juice fast and so far so good.  My stomach grumbles from time to time, which means drink more juice, but overall I’m doing fine.  I have meetings all day long, will try to squeeze in yoga at lunch, plus a hair appointment after work, so there isn’t even time to think about food today.  Even though a bowl of my favorite Cadbury eggs are sitting on a nearby desk, I will remain strong. 

I read a lot about juice fasting before setting out on this experiment and am reassured by various research that it will help drop excess water-weight, clean out your system, and not affect your metabolism if only done for 2 days.  Afterall, your body takes about 2-days to process food, so today, my tummy is busy working on that big ice cream cone I ate on Sunday.  Tomorrow it will be back to my 1200 – 1400 calorie diet.

One thing that seemed to be a recurring theme in the research I did on fasting, is that it is a very introspective experience, almost religious, which is probably why it is an integral part of so many different religions.  I can see why, because I have to dig way down to muster the will power to complete this test!


I feel great this morning;  partly because we got our taxes done last night and while we do owe quite a bit of money, it’s half of what I was expecting.  I will not be sending them my check, however, until April 15th.  They aren’t getting a penny of bailout money from me until the last minute!

I managed to survive my juice fast for 1.5 days, at which point fatique and dizziness became an issue and I needed to eat something.  However, day 1 was not an issue at all, so I think maybe this is a good option for a single day every now and then.  Since you’re supposed to cut 3500 calories per week to lose 1 pound, a juice fast cuts about half of that in one day!  Not that I’m condoning this for long term use, because then you will screw up your metabolism and send your body into starvation mode.

For those who are curious about what to eat on a diet, I think I can start posting my daily food journal entry from my Excel spreadsheet.  I used to think all you could eat were plain veggies, salads, and chicken, but there is a whole world of healthy food out there!  Plus, there’s no better accountability than putting it out there for the world to see.  I have also started creating my food journal on weekends and then grocery shopping accordingly.  Then I post it on my refrigerator for quick food prep, which negates the risk of standing hungrily in front of my pantry/fridge wondering what to eat.


Food Description Calories Fat Carbs
Green monster smoothie 300 6 24
Chicken mini 90 4 9
Apple 80 0 14
Large salad w/ meat, veggies, light ranch 400 12 15
Mexican Pizza 360 12 27
1 cup 1% milk 110 3 11
Grand Totals 1340 37 100

Starting Over

After a weekend of skiing, family time, and lots of bad food, it’s time to get back to my healthy diet.  I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon since my marathon and I’ve got to get into a bikini next month!

I’m starting things off with a 2-day fruit juice fast.  I’ve read that it can help you “cleanse” and feel lighter quickly.  For anyone wondering about the “lose 10 pounds in 2 days” claim, however, just keep in mind that what your’re losing is water and waste weight, not body fat. 

So far so good but I did do a light workout today, which was recommended, and now I feel hungry.  Hmmm.  I barely go 3 hours without food usually so 48 is going to be tough!