Cinch Detox Do Over, Day 1

(If you’re looking for a full description of the Cinch 5-day Fast Forward “detox” phase, click here.)

Technically, today is Day 18 of the Cinch  journey, but since I slipped up on more than one occasion last week, and totally blew it at my sister’s house this past weekend, I decided to start over with detox today.  So here we go…

This time around, I decided to change things up a little bit.  First, I bought half Frozen Mixed Berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries) and half Frozen Raspberries.  The book confirms that you can sub different berries, but she chose raspberries because of their superior nutritional qualities, so I decided to do a little of both.  Only after purchasing 12 bags at Kroger did I realize that they are over $1 cheaper per bag at Target!!  I’ll remember that for next time… who knew Target had such a good selection of frozen fruit??  I plan to do 2 servings of mixed berries and 2 servings of plain raspberries per day (there are 4 total servings of berries each day, 1 with each meal).  I had the raspberries for breakfast, and they were pretty good, but the mixed berries with my lunch parfait were awesome!  It definitely gives me something new to look forward to.

I also decided to try both Greek Yogurt and Dannon Light ‘n Fit Vanilla Yogurt instead of Non-Fat Plain.  I’ll use the greek yogurt for the smoothies and the other for the parfait.  One of my fellow bloggers noted that the nutritional content of the Light ‘n Fit is almost the same, but it’s much tastier.    I must say, my parfait today was excellent!  So much better than before.  Below are the nutritional comparisons.  As you can see, they are equal in the categories that really count – calories, fat, and sugar.  Surprisingly, the Light ‘n Fit has more potassium and less sodium, but has a few more total carbs and a little less protein.  I’ll more than make up for the difference in protein with the Greek Yogurt, which is also shown below. 

Since I determined in the first round of detox that I really do not care for the taste of raw spinach, especially combined with egg and fruit in a salad, I decided to eat the ingredients for Meal 3 separately: 2 cups cooked spinach + boiled egg + mixed berries with almonds.  It’s amazing to me that a whole bag (2 cups) of fresh spinach cooked down to fit in a small 4-oz container!  So basically I can enjoy it in about 3 bites rather suffer through 30.

Meal Plan for the next 5 Days:

Meals Time
1) Egg & spinach scramble, raspberries &  almonds 7 am
2) Mixed berry parfait with almonds 11 am
3) Cooked spinach, boiled egg, mixed berries & almonds 3 pm
4) Yogurt & raspberry smoothie with spinach & almond butter 7 pm

Today’s Workout:  Weights & cardio circuit (1 hour)


I set myself up for success this week by prepping all ingredients for my 20 meals in advance.  Since the berries shouldn’t be thawed for more than 2 days, I put 2-days worth in the fridge and then the rest are portioned in the freezer.  I plan to use a similar strategy for my second attempt at Phase 2 – prepping and repeating meals for several days to cut down on prep time and negating the excuse to cheat! 

Cinch Day 11 & Reader’s Comment

Hi everyone.  It’s a snowy Day 11 and after a couple days slipping off the wagon, I’m determined to get back on and not waste all of my efforts.  Let’s get this week started off right…

At least someone is enjoying the snow.

Today’s Meal Plan:

Meal Plan Time
Cereal with 1% milk & oatmeal cake 6 am
Cherries, macadamia nuts 10:30am
Sauteed spinach & sweet potato, slice of toast with ricotta, tangerine 3 pm
Cheese & quinoa stuffed peppers  7 pm

Today’s Workout:  P90X Plyometrics DVD (1 hour) 

Stuffed Pepper

The stuffed pepper was not my favorite.  Not bad, but I didn’t like the flavor combo and it seemed like a lot of effort for something I could have made in half the time by chopping the pepper and tossing everything in a bowl.  But it was pretty and appetizing to look at.  Now if I could only make chocolate not look so appetizing.


Lastly, I’ve been getting some really comments from all of you, and this one I felt was worthy of posting for everyone.  Very detailed and it might offer some good alternatives for you:

… ” For those of you just starting out, here are some things I discovered (it really is a learning curve):

1) Raspberries are hard to find in some areas right now- they are really not in season.  I found some at Target(Sam’s Club didn’t have any) though-$3 for 6 ounces, which isn’t too bad.  I ended up mixing raspberries and blueberries and have still have had great results.  I figure blueberries are great antioxidants too.  They have a few more calories per cup, but not many.

2) Spinach. Sam’s carries large 1 pound organic baby spinach for around $3.50-great price and really fresh and tasty!!

3) I know that the author recommends plain non-fat organic yogurt…But, I have been mixing a 1:1 ratio of the plain non-fat with Dannon Light and Fit VANILLA- same calories(110 per cup)/just has flavorings and artificial sweetener- It really tastes much better.  I feel like I am getting a little treat with the sweetness.

4) I really did not like “evening smoothie”, so I eat the yogurt topped with the berries by itself and just eat the almond butter plain.  I never tried Almond Butter before, but I am hooked- absolutely love it.  I will be using it from now on!!

5)  My morning scramble- I also saute a little garlic in the skillet(lightly wipe EVOO on skillet) then add the spinach until it starts to wilt, then add the eggs.  Sprinkle with fresh ground pepper- really yummy. I can actually say I look forward to it.  I think I will start to incorporate that into my diet in the future.

6) I also found the first few days of the diet decreases “regularity”- I think it is the yogurt and the shear decrease of volume of food we are eating.

7) I have to admit I did have one small cheat today- 1 Hershey kiss 🙂  Way better than the 15 I could knock down b4 the diet  🙂  I’m actually looking forward to getting onto the scale in the morning !! Can’t remember the last time I said that!

8) The book was hard to find at local bookstores.  The Barnes and Noble and Borders near me were sold out- Must be popular.  I called a Borders in another town- They had it! They have a 33% off coupon online that you can print

Good Luck to everyone!!!    Lisa

Thanks for your comments, Lisa, and everyone else that has been chiming in as well! 

To close the day, here’s my late lunch concoction.  Although not a recipe from the book, I was trying to use some spare ingredients in my fridge and I think it turned out pretty well.  Can you believe that’s only half a sweet potato?  I roasted the sweet potatoes in the oven with olive oil and a few herbs (last night), then tossed it in a skillet with 1 cup spinach and a little more olive oil.  And that is ricotta on the toast.  Ricotta cheese is my new favorite… it reminds me of thick, whipped butter but with a fraction of the fat and guilt.  Yum!

Cinch 5 Day Detox

I like to occasionally read the blogs ( and one of them sparked my interest this week.  Cynthia Sass, Shape’s resident Weight Loss Coach, was discussing her new book Cinch and the 5-Day-Detox plan that can “change your life”.  The detox phase is supposed to kick-start a new diet by introducing order and simplicity and quick weight loss (up to 8 pounds) to cleanse your system and boost motivation. You eat the exact same meals, at the same times, every day for 5 days, although you can mix up the order in which you eat them (example – you can eat Meal 1 for dinner if you prefer).   According to Sass, this will “give your body, mind, and taste buds a fresh start and achieve real results.”  As an added bonus, you’ll supposedly end up with fewer cravings for salty, fatty, or sweet foods, as well as a new appreciation for real food’s natural flavor.  I can definitely use the sugar-craving suppression!

I decided to splurge and order the book ($15.59 on, which should arrive on my doorstep tomorrow.  I’ll start with the 5-day Detox and blog about my experience, then decide on how to proceed after I finish reading the book.  The detox phase consists of 5 ingredients – spinach, almonds, raspberries, eggs, and plain yogurt.  Fortunately I like all of the ingredients, so it doesn’t seem so bad.  I’ll start on Friday and continue  through Tuesday of next week, just in time for our Thursday office party!  Stay tuned…

(click on the picture to read the Shape blog from author, Cynthia Sass)