Starting the Week off Right!

Bikini Body Countdown – 27 days to go!

It always helps to start your week by slipping easily into a suit that was a bit snug last year.  I’m really enjoying getting dressed these days, suddenly my entire closet is a possibility again.  So, let’s keep up the momentum with a good week of healthy eating and vigorous exercise as I continue on my Bikini Body Countdown.  I’d like to be down another pound this Friday (134), although given how much weight I’m lifting, I’d also be OK breaking even as long as my clothes keep getting looser.

So the day began with a Fruity Waffle Sundae, sans dairy (didn’t have any on hand).  This was one of my favorite Cinch recipes and I continue to eat it about every week.  *** For more about the Cinch Recipes, refer to my January blogs – there are lots of them!  There’s also a Cinch Spreadsheet that includes a lot of the recipes, plus a food journal and weight tracker. ***





Meal Plan Time
Fruity Waffle Sundae 7am
Watermelon, Sunchips, Almonds 11am
Big salad with veg & avocado 3pm
Banana, pretzels (pre-bike snack)  6pm
Small veggie wrap 8pm
Workout – Chest/Back weights, 15 min elliptical, 10-mile bike  

Cinch Spreadsheet

Hi ladies!  Everyone has been asking about the famous spreadsheet, so here you go!  I merged my spreadsheet with Susan’s and there are some great tools in here, including a Weight Tracker, Favorite Recipes (so far), a Menu Planner, and a Grocery List.  Please note that there are 5 total tabs.  Enjoy!

Cinch Spreadsheet 

During this process, I discovered that you cannot upload an Excel Spreadsheet to WordPress due to security / virus concerns.  So, I instead had to upload it to my “Public” folder.  So in case you’ve run across this issue before on your blog, now you know!

*** Special thanks to SUSAN for the awesome spreadsheet! ***