Lessons from the Standing Desk Experiment

Two months in and I can’t even imagine going back to sitting!  I’m standing here dancing as I type this to my new “Dance” playlist.  It doesn’t get better than that in office world.  The only time I sit down is when I am eating my lunch, at which time I just shift to my lap-top at desk-level.

Standing Desk

Here’s some things I’ve learned:


  • More fun at work!  Yes, it’s true.  I’m having more fun by standing and often break out into sporadic dancing when Pandora happens upon a great song.  Now if only I could start standing through meetings.
  • More calories burned.  It’s estimated that I will burn between 80-200 extra calories per day just standing here.  I’m probably at the upper end of that since I’m rarely just standing… I’m a fidgeter, so I’m dancing around, bouncing, or doing “the mom sway”.  Reference:  Livestrong.com
  • Good role model.  Lots of people have stopped by curious what I’m doing.  1 has purchased their own standing desk, and several are starting their own paper-box test.  Score!


  • Cost 1: Initial investment in a new desk, desk-top converter, or some sort of adjustable contraption.  Link below.
  • Cost 2: You’ll need new shoes, but maybe this isn’t a con for most women.  LOL.  I have a pair of cheap black flats with comfy insoles that I keep at my desk.  I change into them when I’m wearing high heels.
  • Cost 3: For maximum comfort, even in good shoes, you’ll need an anti-fatigue mat.  Link below.


You’ll need a new desk, desk-top converter, or some sort of adjustable contraption.  Some companies might pay for this, but for now, I’m funding my experiment, so a new desk was out of the question.  I really liked the idea of an adjustable contraption, but none of the ones I found online seemed sturdy enough or big enough for my large-screen monitor, keyboard and mouse.  I ended up buying a Stand Steady Standing Desk, which is basically just an adjustable little table that sits on my desk.  The cost ($140) seems a little out of line for the product, but I don’t have the time or run around town looking for other contraptions, and this one looks appropriate for our office décor.


Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE shoes, and especially the high-heel variety. This does not work well for standing all day!  So my standing at work will have an impact on my future shoe purchases.  Just last week I was perusing the gorgeous heels at Nordstrom and passed them up in favor of a pair of cute flats on clearance.  I’d also like to invest in a nice, comfy, pair of work-appropriate loafers, but thus far I can’t find any that don’t make me feel like an old lady.  I’ve actually needed these for a long time, since I spend so much time on my feet when I travel for work, and normally wear a medium-heel boot that ends up killing my feet by end of day.

Stand By

So now I have to get back to standing at work.  I’ll be very interested to hear if any of you embark on similar experiments!

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