Back from Vacation

I’m back!  Hawaii was amazing, but it’s going to take me a few days to catch up on work and sleep before I get back to blogging.  So I’ll start with a few pictures from our trip, showing of my fitter figure.  =)


I can’t express how good it felt to feel confident in my body, especially prancing around in little to no clothes for 2 weeks!  I read a Kate Moss quote last year that stirred up quite a bit of controversy, but I happen to think she’s right and do not think it encourages eating disorders, just making healthy choices …

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

I did indulge a little too much, but I also managed plenty of healthy meals and got some sort of exercise every day.  I meant to have my sister take pictures of my beach-side workouts, but I was usually up before anyone else.  Some days I used resistance bands, jump rope, and a picnic table to do weights and cardio, and other days I did a long walk on the beach, hiked a 2-mile trek at 25% grade into Waipi’io Valley (on the big island) and even hiked Diamond Head, as pictured above.  So for the next few days I’m back on Cinch Detox to rid myself of vacation bloat and get back on track.  I’m more motivated than ever and have challenged myself to 125 pounds, my fantasy weight that I now think is very possible.  I even inspired the rest of my family to try and lose some weight.  It’s good to feel like my hard work helps inspire others, not only through my blog, but also the people around me.  Good luck everyone!

Weekly Summary

16 days to go until Hawaii!


Starting Weight:  144 pounds  (December 31, 2010)

Current Weight:  133 pounds 

Total Weight Loss:  11 pounds

Goal Weight:  130 pounds… almost there!



Howdy everyone.  Home on vacation today, so what to do?  Well, I woke up as usual at 5am, but laid there another couple of hours before getting up.  I can never sleep after waking up though.  Had a nice, Cinch-approved breakfast: 2 eggs, small bowl of low-fat granola with cherries, and a small cup of carrot juice.  Then I relaxed and read another few chapters of The Help, by Kathryn Stockett (excellent book).  After that, my husband I went for a 30-mile bike ride on the country roads near our home.  It sounds like a lot, but it’s really not that bad, and the beautiful scenery is a great distraction, although I really wish people would respect the local leash law (got chased by several dogs).  We’re in full-training mode for our 300-mile / 3-day charity ride in July. 

So now we’re headed to my parents’ for a long weekend.  I’m a little nervous because I tend to eat a lot when we visit family.  I think it must be psychological, because I notice that I tend to be really hungry whenever I visit anyone.  Probably years of good memories around food.  But it’s only 2 more weeks until we leave for Hawaii, so I can’t afford any more cheat meals!  As I discussed in Tuesday’s blog, I had a greasy, sugary cheat meal on Monday and as expected, it made me crave more all week!  I resisted, for the most part, but it was not my best week and did not lose any more weight.  (My husband is looking over my shoulder and rubbing it in that even after his french fry bonanza last weekend and several big cheeseburger meals, he’s still down 2 pounds this week… men have it much easier!!)  So I’ve prepared for the weekend by stashing some Seapoint Farms Dry-Roasted Edamame and Raisins in my purse for hunger emergencies.  I LOVE these edamame – they remind me of peanuts, but without the fat and salt!  Tasty and very good for you – it’s no wonder they call Soybeans “the wonder veggie”.

So here’s to sticking to my diet over the weekend!  Adios…

Bikini Body Countdown!


I’m officially on BIKINI BODY COUNTDOWN!  34 days until Hawaii!

Time to get serious, cut the sugar, and increase the workouts.  I’ve done pretty well since starting Cinch in January, although have indulged in one too many sugar binges.  My clothes fit better and I feel good, but I’m disappointed that the scale has not budged much.   I’m still the same weight I was in January after finishing detox (138), although that’s still 6 pounds less than where I started.  My husband has reminded me that some of that might be muscle weight that I’ve put on to replace fat (since muscle weighs more than fat), but seeing the scale was still a bit deflating.  And thus, that’s why I’ve been avoiding it for a month!

OK, so here’s the plan.  Stick to the basics of Cinch for my diet, zero sugar and very limited refined carbohydrates.  Increase workouts to 5-6 days per week, including running, cycling, weight training, and plyometric intervals.  I’ll post my food journal and exercise plan as often as I can in case anyone else wants to join in!  I also see some great articles about bikini-body-prep from time to time, and will link those as well. 

Monday’s Menu:

Meal Plan Time
Cereal with skim milk; orange juice 7am
Greek yogurt with berries and granola 11am
Salad w/ lt ranch, almonds, 1/2 pear 3pm
Whole wheat pasta w/ veggies, olive oil 7pm

Workout:  Weights (chest & back), cardio intervals (10m treadmill, 10m elliptical, 10m jump rope), 10-mile bike.

My husband forwarded me a cool blog link today.  I had to laugh because I love that feeling of beating a guy at something sports related and seeing their reaction to “getting chicked”…!/blog/2011-3-21-gettingChicked.htm.  And yes, I have “chicked” my husband on many ocassions, although he won’t admit it!

Still Going Strong

The Jelly Beans

I’m very proud of myself today.  A co-worker offered me a couple of jelly beans, and I ate them, but resisted the urge to go back and have more.  Success #1 – allowing yourself a small taste of something sinful and then moving on.  Next up, a 1-hour Food Show, which is part of my job.  Oh the perils of trying to stay healthy while surrounded by mostly un-healthy food.  My role in Food Shows is primarily to take notes and report back the results, but everyone is welcome to sample the goods.  Afterall, they go in the trash when the sampling is done, something that kills me to watch.  That has always been one of my issues with eating – the feeling that I must clean my plate and not waste any food.  But isn’t it still wasted if it goes in your body and you work to burn it off??  Seriously, what sense does our mothers’ logic make?  So anyway, I had lunch before the food show and also a piece of gum to occupy my mouth and did not taste a single thing.  Success #2 – resisting the urge to eat something just because it’s in front of you.  If you’re not truly hungry, don’t eat it.


I managed to drag my tired, weak self out of bed at 5am to squeeze in a 45-minute chest & back P90x video before work.  I’m definitely feeling like a major wuss in this program.  I think we did well over 100 push-ups today and my hands and knees are rug-burned.  Hmm, maybe a skirt and bare knees was not a good option for work.  I wish I could do the videos at lunch since that’s when I am most energized, and evenings are out of the question.  I don’t usually have too much trouble with morning workouts at the gym or running outside, but that’s probably because there’s a good hour between rolling out of bed and actually starting the workout, whereas there’s only about 10 minutes from bed to P90x.  I’ll stick with it though and hope it gets better.  Afterall, there’s only 2.5 months left until Hawaii!!

Cinch Diet Book – 281 Pages of Good Advice

I received my book about 2 hours ago and immediately devoured it.  I’m a very fast reader!  OK, so I didn’t read every page in its entirety, but I read the first several chapters, including the “Fast-Forward” detox phase (first 5 days), and then skimmed through the rest.    So now I feel the overwhelming urge to document my thoughts.

First, I was thrilled to see my employer, Ruby Tuesday, mentioned in the eating out section (pg 153)!  Only 5 restaurant companies were mentioned and we were the only one from our segment, despite the bigger competition.  Go Ruby Tuesday!  Although only one menu item was mentioned (Creole Catch), there are plenty of other healthy options to choose from if you must eat out.

Ruby Tuesday Salad Bar

Now on to the rest of the book…  It’s very well written and easy to follow.  In 2 hours, I fully understand the plan and what I need to do to succeed, plus made note of the rules (just a few), and made out a grocery list for the detox phase.   The book also includes lots of stories from people who have succeeded on this program scattered throughout the 11 chapters.  I really liked that the people used in the stories have a wide range of weight-loss goals and some even look like me – slightly pudgy but far from overweight, and thus I feel more confident that this can work for everyone, not just those with a significant amount of weight to lose. 

Did I mention that a daily “dark chocolate escape” is mandatory?  There are even a few chocolate recipes!  Actually, I’m a little uncertain about this part.  It sounds like a wonderful idea, but once I taste chocolate, the cravings become uncontrollable.  However, as Cynthia explains, small amounts of dark chocolate are actually good for you and the Cinch plan is all about teaching you how to each in real life and not feel that a small indulgence ruins your day or your progress.  I think I’ll skip it for the first week and then if I’m doing well, buy a very small amount to test my will power. 

OK, so how does this program work exactly?  Basically, you start with a strict 5-ingredient, 5-day detox phase to “fast-forward” your weight loss and give you a good jump-start.  Over these 5 days, you’ll eat a total of:

  • 15 cups of spinach, raw or frozen
  • 20 cups of raspberries, fresh or frozen
  • 4 cups of almonds, slivered or sliced
  • 10 Tablespoons of natural almond butter
  • 10 large eggs or 5 cups liquid egg whites
  • 60 ounces (2 large tubs) of non-fat plain yogurt
  • Seasonings such as natural fruit juice, peppers, garlic, vinegar, and herbs (no salt!)

Crazy right?  That’s a LOT of raspberries!!!  I’m not sure I’ve eaten that many raspberries in my entire life.  Thank goodness I like them.  So using these ingredients, you create 4 meals per day, which can be eaten in any order you wish, but must be eaten every 3 to 5 hours, starting within an hour of getting up in the morning.

Below is my meal plan, along with the meal times that work best for my schedule.  I’m tempted to share the actual recipes, but that seems unfair to the author … sorry!!  She actually offers some great suggestions for seasoning and salad dressing.  I also like that the recipes are made for one person, not the usual 3-4 that can make portions tricky. 

  • Meal 1 (6am) – scrambled eggs with spinach; raspberries and almonds.  2 cups water.
  • Meal 2 (10am) – yogurt parfait with raspberries and almonds.  2 cups water.
  • Meal 3 (2pm) – spinach salad with raspberries, almonds, boiled egg.  2 cups water.
  • Meal 4 (6pm) – smoothie with yogurt, raspberries, almond butter, ice.  2 cups water.

If I had to come up with a criticism, just based on my initial preview, I’d say it’s the lack of color and pictures.  I am a visual person, so a picture of the prepared recipes would have been nice.  So I’ll take my own and post them tommorrow when I make the meals for Day 1. 

So there you have it.  I’m ready to go!  And I got a little extra motivation over Christmas – a 2 week family vacation to Hawaii in June!  Gotta get my bikini body ready.  If I work up the courage, maybe I’ll include some monthly before-and-after pictures.  Good night world.

(FYI … I’m not being paid for this, it’s just a fun experiment!