Is it Spring Yet?

Major tease last Sunday with a gorgeous 70-degree day, and then it snowed twice this week.  Spring, please hurry up!  I enjoyed the warm day so much that it was crazy cardio day.  Did an early 3-mile jog, then walked the 3-mile round-trip to my HOA meeting, and lastly, went for a 20-mile bike ride with my husband.  That’s about 900 calories burned!  Maybe that played a role in my nice number on the scale this week.


Starting Weight: 137 pounds (December 30, 2012)

Current Weight: 129 pounds (March 15, 2013)

My Goal: 125 pounds (Deadline April 12, 2013)


Next week I’m back on the road again, to Atlanta this time, where I’m well known for my love of desserts.  Dangit.  They actually booked the hotel based on who had the best cookies!  Thankfully, I know of a few good parks to go jogging and either encourage me to stay strong, or burn off my indiscretions.

Speaking of cookies, I just can’t help but bring back my favorite cookie cartoon… HA HA HA!  Have a great weekend!

If Cookie Monster went on a diet...

If Cookie Monster went on a diet…

Its Friday Again!


Starting Weight: 137 pounds (December 30, 2012)

Current Weight: 131 pounds (March 1, 2013)

My Goal: 125 pounds (Deadline April 12, 2013)



Glad to see the scale still moving in the right direction, although I can’t take credit for any great feats of accomplishment.  I just haven’t been hungry this week, which makes it much easier!  Although… receiving 7 boxes of girl scout cookies, and putting them out for my office mates to eat, and not touching a single one myself, is actually a pretty huge accomplishment for me.  I know damn well that 1 of those little suckers will turn me into the ravenous sugar monster, so I’m determined to stay strong.  My evening Godiva truffle is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth and avoid any feelings of deprivation.  Just 6 more pounds to go to my ultimate goal, and am giving myself an extra 2 weeks since I know that realistically, 1-pound per week in the final stretch is already aggressive.  I also am going to a Florida resort for a week-long business trip in 6-weeks – the first bathing suit opportunity, which is extra motivation.  Our new gym at work, as well as my status as an official “Wellness Ambassador”, is also keeping me motivated.

For those that use MyFitnessPal… what’s up with the maximum sugar allotment?  I can’t have 2 pieces of fruit in one day??  I usually just ignore it, but I hate seeing the red!  I wonder if there’s a way to reset this number…


Food Diary


I’m eager to see who is the winner of the Jewelry Giveaway Contest!  Once everyone has had a chance to enter their final before & after numbers, I’ll announce the winner and contact you directly by Monday to coordinate your prize.  Thanks to everyone who has participated – it’s actually helped motivate me more than you know!

Weekly Weigh-Ins

I said I wasn’t going to weigh-in regularly after hitting my pre-vacation goal, but then discovered that I’d gained a few when I got back and was reminded that I’ve been here before: work hard to reach a goal, then creep back into my old habits.  So, as much as I’d like to toss the scale, I’d better keep up my weekly weigh-ins for a while.  Plus, I’ve got a new goal now – 125!  I was delighted to see the scale back at 130 today, my pre-vacation weight, even after a little too mcuh sugar this week.  So that leaves 5 pounds and 8 weeks before our next beach trip Labor Day weekend… piece of cake… wait… can I still use that phrase?  What is the alternative??

Another weigh-in to report, my sister has joined the journey to better health and is down 3 pounds from 144 pounds to 141, ironically the same exact place I started and with the same end-goal!  She enlisted the help of Medi Weight Loss Clinic in Nashville, and the plan they’ve got her on is a low-carb / low-calorie diet, as listed below.  She’s struggling a little so far with food prep and eating out, but hey, we’ve all been there before!  It’s a long road, but keep going strong, Liz.

*Goal weight: 125 lb
*Goal BMI: 21.5

WEEK 1 (Day 1)

Weight: 144.8 lb
BMI: 24.9
Fat%: 30.5%
Fat Mass: 44.2 lb
Nutrition goal:
– Consume at least 500 calories of protein only each day
– Drink 128 fluid ounces of water (32 fl oz containing electrolytes) 

WEEK 2 (Day 9)
Weight: 141.2 lb
BMI: 24.2
Fat%: 30.6%
Fat Mass: 43.2 lb
Nutrition goal:
– Consume at least 500 calories of protein each day
– Drink 128 fluid ounces of water (32 fl oz containing electrolytes)
– Consume 2 – 3 servings a day of veggies (serving size: 1 cup raw or 1/2 cup cooked)
– Consume 1/2 – 1 serving a day of fruit (serving sizes vary–chart provided)
– Do not exceed 40 grams of carbs a day
– Do not exceed 800 calories (total) a day


So I was thinking about processed food this morning as I prepared our breakfast sandwiches with enriched-white-bread mini buns and processed cheese slices.  Neither of these items would have been my choice if I’d purchased them… I would have picked the un-bleached, whole wheat bread and the natural cheddar slices (or skipped the cheese altogether).  However, I get a lot of free stuff from work and sometimes I don’t think a little processed food is that bad .  Afterall, if someone is going to give you, say $10, in free food, wouldn’t you use it and save the $10?  I’ll pass on the sugary stuff, but meat, bread, and cheese is all fair game to fill my fridge and save money at the grocery (plus veggies, but there’s no health debate with those!).  So where do you draw the line with processed food?  I think this is a good blog topic to explore in more detail at some point.

Daily Menu & Workout Plan:

  • 6 am – Small egg & cheese breakfast sandwich, blackberries, vitamin
  • 10 am – Shrimp with brown rice & veggies, walk in the park
  • 11 am – Company 4th of July cookout.  Will resist the hot dogs, chips, and cupcakes, but maybe have a little fruit.
  • 3pm – Nectarine, almonds, crackers
  • 7pm – Baseball game… I’ll figure something out.

Weekly Weigh-In + Meal Ideas

6 days to go on Bikini Body Countdown!

Hello world!  It’s that time again – time for my weekly weigh in, with only 1 more week to go before we leave for Hawaii!  I was so excited to see 132 on the scale this morning!  After literally 16 years of yo-yo dieting, I can’t believe I’ve finally solved the weight-loss puzzle without really feeling like I’m dieting.   Thanks to Cinch for my diet guidance, and my husband for his intense work-outs!  Just 2 more pounds to go until I reach my goal weight, and then, who knows?  I’m not sure how much I actually have to lose to reach my ideal weight, so I figure I’ll just keep eating healthy and working out and my weight will end up wherever.


I’m a little behind on my blogs this week, but I’ve taken lots of pictures of quick, Cinch-approved recipes.  First up, breakfast!  I’ve learned to love Pumpernickel bread.  Supposedly it’s the healthiest type of bread you can eat and very low on the glycemic index, meaning it will be released into the bloodstream very slowly, resulting in lasting energy rather than a quick burst.  So several of my recipes this past week have included this dark bread with a distinct rye-flavor.  I even tried it at breakfast, toasted with a little light cream cheese and honey, along with and egg and glass of carrot juice.  It was actually really good, so I ended up having it several times!

Next, I tried it as a sandwich, both times layering the bread, 0% plain greek yogurt (in place of mayo), cucumber slices, spinach, and a little pepper-jack cheese.  Once again, I was pleasantly surprised how good it tasted.  A word of advice, however, don’t make a sandwich with yogurt on the bread too far in advance.  It gets soggy pretty quick, but it did great at holding everything in place and tasted great too.

Also this week, I made some really yummy strawberry spinach salads with an interesting pear vinaigrette I found at the store.  One day I added pumpkin seeds (shown) for my protein, and another I added 1/4 of an avocado.  It was so good that I decided to keep the salad for next week’s detox instead of cooking the ingredients for Meal 3 (more about this tomorrow).

I got some seafood from work – scallops and lobster – so I incorporated those in my meals.  For the scallops, I cooked them in a skillet, about 5 minutes on each side with nothing but cooking spray.  Then I added them to a little brown rice and cooked cabbage, drizzled with some sweet chile sauce for a yummy lunch.  For the lobster, I baked them and drizzled them with lemon juice.  Yum!

If there’s one meal I’ve adopted into my diet most frequently, it’s yogurt parfaits – yogurt, berries, nuts, and sometimes wheat germ on top.  They are so easy to make and I’ve learned to love them.  I still don’t care for the bitterness of plain yogurt though, so I usually use either Dannon’s Vanilla Light ‘n Fit or 0% non-fat greek yogurt with a little Truvia.  I usually use strawberries, blackberries, or blueberries, and either almonds, walnuts, or pistachios for the nuts.  For the one below, it’s greek yogurt, blueberries, pistachios, wheat germ, and Truvia. 

Keeping with the yogurt and berry theme, I also love the dessert version… vanilla frozen yogurt, or light ice cream, with berries and nuts / coconut.  YUM!

Today we hosted a Memorial Day party and I was determined to keep things pretty healthy.  My husband made burgers and grilled veggies – eggplant, zucchini, squash, and mushrooms.  Then we had Guiltless Gourmet Black Bean Chips, a family favorite, with healthy homemade guacamole and salsa.  I’m well-known for my guacamole and salsa, which is funny since it’s so easy to make and good for you!  For the salsa, I start with tomatoes and onion.  For the guacamole, it’s avocados and 0% plain greek yogurt.  I use a store-bought spice pack for both, which is usually found near the tomatoes and avocados at your local grocery store.  If you don’t find it, I’m sure you can Google a spice blend recipe.  Either way, I only use 1/2 the spice pack since it’s pretty high in sodium and prefer a milder flavor anyway.  Then I add lime and cilantro for a natural burst of flavor.  

Homemade Salsa

  • 5-6 roma tomatoes or 3-4 regular
  • 1/4 to 1/2 onion
  • 1/2 a salsa spice pack, or equivalent
  • Juice from 1 lime
  • Fresh cilantro, about 2 T. chopped
  • Combine all ingredients in a food processeser and blend until desired consistency.

Homemade Guacamole

  • 2 avocados
  • 1/4 cup 0% plain greek yogurt
  • 1/2 guacamole spice pack, or equivalent
  • Juice from 1 lime
  • Fresh Cilantro, about 2 T. chopped
  • Mash avocados and mix with other ingredients until desired consistency

… there are always opportunistic dogs nearby when clumsy Mommy is in the kitchen.

Whew!  OK, finally caught up.  Tomorrow I start detox once again to completely de-bloat before Hawaii.  Wish me luck!


Weekly Weigh-In

Day 1 of my Cinch diet and I feel very motivated!  I’ve already shed 4 pounds this week from dieting the old-fashioned way (calorie counting and exercise), most of which is probably water-weight from getting back on track post-holiday, but it feels great nonetheless.  Here’s my weekly weigh-in; details of Day 1 coming later tonight. 


   Starting Weight:   144 pounds  (December 28, 2010)

    Current Weight:   140 pounds  (December 31, 2010)

              Total Loss:   4 pounds

Next Week’s Goal:   136 pounds (January 7, 2011)


Some might wonder why I don’t post a goal weight, but that’s because I’m a big believer in realistic goals and I’m not sure what is realistic for my 30-year-old body.  125 has always been the magic number in my head, and I almost got there once in college … 127 after a bad breakup and not eating for a week … not recommended.  So I figure if I’m following the program and getting regular exercise, my body weight will settle in wherever it needs to be.