My 2nd Favorite Subject: SHOES

If you asked my friends or family to describe my interests in two words, they would most likely say FOOD and SHOES.  I’ve done plenty of blogs about food, so now let’s touch on my shoe obsession.  I have no idea when it began, but I can remember collecting jelly-shoes in middle school and also being given an Imelda Marcos doll after one of my father’s trips to the Philipines (Imelda was equally famous for politics and her 2,700 pairs of shoes).  I don’t come anywhere near 2,700, but I think I have about 85 pairs and am now completely out of shoe space!  Thus I now have a one-in and one-out rule, which also applies to clothes.  Below is a picture of my closet, and it’s hard to tell, but my shoes basically take up the entire bottom perimeter, and that doesn’t even include my casual and atheletic shoes that are in our coat closet and garage.  My husband surprised me for Christmas a couple of years ago and hang a little chandelier in there, an idea he got from HGTV (my favorite channel).  It definitley dresses up that little space!

Despite my collection, I have always been a bit frugal and cannot even fathom playing $300+ for the fancy shoes I see in my fashion magazines.  The average is probably about $40 after watching for good sales and coupons.  My most expensive are probably from Dillard’s and cost about $130… and that was a major splurge!  I think I actually blogged about those shoes last fall.  I’ve only worn them twice since then, but they sure are gorgeous in my closet!  Lately my frugality is even more important since my household is down to one income, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t still get her occasional shoe fix.  Enter Payless…

I have noticed a new trend in the fashion industry, a positive of the down economy – large chain stores partnering with big-name designers for affordable fashionista-approved offerings.  I think Target was the first one to gain a lot of notoriety for this when they partnered with Isaac Mizrahi, and they have since become one of my favorites for basic wardrobe staples like layering shirts and casual summer dresses.  Payless is one of the more recent to jump on this trend, and I’m thrilled!  I’ve gotten several pairs in recent months for about $20 each.  Most recently, I found the below pair of gorgeous nude pumps.  I had been looking for nude pumps for a couple of years, but most are too grey or pink against my olive skin.  So I was thrilled to discover these beauties that fit the bill for both fashion and comfort.  5 stars!

Click on the picture to see them on ""


Does anyone else love shoes almost as much as food?  What are your favorite brands?  Do share!

Peaceful Weekend at Home

Another peaceful weekend at home has come to a close.  I went on a cleaning spree Saturday, switched out the bedding and my clothes to Spring/Summer, made a Target run (as always, lots of great, cheap finds) and spent the evening at home.  Then Sunday I caught up on some picture organizing and photo albums (way overdue!!) and then Bill and I went on a jog / bike ride through Sequoyah Hills.  We didn’t do much and yet the weekend flew by.   My diet was a little sporadic but overall very healthy.  It’s hard to believe I haven’t eaten meat more than twice (at my grandmother’s) in the past 3 weeks, so is it any coincidence that my complexion has cleared up, my body is running like clockwork, and I feel amazing?  Plus, while at Target, I comfortably fit into several size 6’s!  Woohoo!!

Time to prepare for another week.  I’ve gotten very accustomed to prepping food on Sundays, packing it up for Monday and Tuesday and having a plan for the rest of the week.  Generally I try to make out my food journal and hit the grocery, but I didn’t get around to the food journal.  There’s lots of food though, so I packed some Greek yogurt with raspberries and granola or for breakfasts, single-serving bags of nuts and some fruit for snack, mostly salads for lunch, and picked out a few recipes to try for dinners.