Cinch Day 10, Winter Woes

Hi everyone.  I wish I could tell you how great I’m doing, and how good the recipes are, and continue to be the fabulous motivator, but the reality is that I’m no different than anyone else or I wouldn’t be here.  It’s been 10 days, about the same amount of time it usually takes before I start going back to my old ways.  I’m fighting it, but my inner demons are at work.  The little devil is on my shoulder telling me constantly that I need more food.  The diet does exactly what it says it does – offers small meals that fill you up, and I have not had hunger issues between meals, however some days I just want more food.  Or on snowy days like today, I want comfort food that definitely does not fit into any diet.  The past few days have been especially tough.  After a week of following everything perfectly, temptation beckons and the winter weather has left me cooped up indoors without my usual outdoor escape, eating chili, grilled cheese, and oatmeal cake… one of my favorite childhood meals when it was nasty outside.  With another winter storm advisory posted for tonight / tomorrow, I have a feeling it’s going to be a tough week. 

All is not lost.  I have tried several of the book’s recipes and am sticking to the plan some of the time.  I’ll post about some of those recipes later.  I’m actually thinking about starting over again to give me another kick-start before I fall off the wagon.  Thank goodness for all of my new blog friends or I might be a total goner by now.  (THANK YOU!!!) Cynthia does not recommend staying on the detox phase for too long due to needing the nutrients that other foods provide, so maybe I’ll try and get through this 30 days before starting over. 

I was watching an interesting show on History channel yesterday called “Taboo”, and this particular episode was dealing with obesity.  In most countries, being fat is considered unacceptable, while in a few remaining 3rd world countries, being fat is admired and a sign of wealth.  The show hit on a big reason that so many of us in the industrialized world deal with obesity… our way of life does not lend itself to physical health.  I still think our personal choices have a lot to do with it, but look at how difficult it is for us to find an hour a day to make healthy meals or exercise?  We spend the majority of our time sitting at work, being inactive, and eating easy, comfort foods.  So how do we correct this?  We can’t magically change our society, nor can we change the way we were raised, or the things that make us tick.  Will we struggle to find happiness with ourselves forever (OMG depressing!) or will we eventually come to appreciate who we are and learn to cope with our issues with food and appearance?  Something to think about…

Weekly Weigh-In

Day 1 of my Cinch diet and I feel very motivated!  I’ve already shed 4 pounds this week from dieting the old-fashioned way (calorie counting and exercise), most of which is probably water-weight from getting back on track post-holiday, but it feels great nonetheless.  Here’s my weekly weigh-in; details of Day 1 coming later tonight. 


   Starting Weight:   144 pounds  (December 28, 2010)

    Current Weight:   140 pounds  (December 31, 2010)

              Total Loss:   4 pounds

Next Week’s Goal:   136 pounds (January 7, 2011)


Some might wonder why I don’t post a goal weight, but that’s because I’m a big believer in realistic goals and I’m not sure what is realistic for my 30-year-old body.  125 has always been the magic number in my head, and I almost got there once in college … 127 after a bad breakup and not eating for a week … not recommended.  So I figure if I’m following the program and getting regular exercise, my body weight will settle in wherever it needs to be.