Back to Work!

I went back to work this week with mixed emotions – sad to leave my baby girl (in wonderful hands), but excited to get back to work and transition into my new adventure as a working mom.  I have a whole new respect for stay-at-home moms!  Good gracious, that is hard work, and I’ve only got one kid!  I personally think I’ll be a better mother by maintaining my career, and there have been lots of studies about the benefits to children if their moms work outside the home, but I won’t get into that highly controversial, and highly personal debate.  Even better, I cherish our mornings and evenings together so much more.  Bottom line – it’s good to be back!  And judging from the pictures our nanny sends daily, she seems to be adjusting just fine!

Hi Mommy!  Don't worry about me, I'm doing fine!

Hi Mommy, don’t worry about me, I’m doing fine!


One of the other big advantages of being back at work – I apparently eat better at work!  At home, I often found myself drawn to the pantry or refrigerator, staring at all the options and convincing myself I was hungry.  Case in point, I worked from home yesterday and went way over my calorie budget, on mostly healthy stuff, but still.  At work, I tend to be very busy with very little time to think about food.  I almost always pack my lunch, often in the form of beverages like a big Vitamix smoothie loaded with vegetables, fruit, and nut milks.  This week I’m doing a lot of these juices and smoothies, hoping the vast quantity of produce will help jumpstart my postpartum weight loss!


So I was super excited to do my month-end weigh in and finally see the scale budge after 5 long weeks!  I’m sure the lunch workouts helped, along with an abundance of vegetables via lots of juices and smoothies.  Most people tell me I’m so lucky that I lost the baby weight so fast.  Ha!  To me, it feels excruciatingly slow!!  I guess it all depends on your perspective.  But more important than my weight, I finally feel like myself again, like my body is all mine and I can do most of what I could do prior to my pregnancy.  It feels sooooo good to get out and jog, alone, without a stroller, just losing myself in my thoughts and enjoying this gorgeous Fall weather.



Pre-pregnancy weight125 pounds (October, 2013)

Full-term pregnancy weight164 pounds (August, 2013)

Goal: 128 pounds … giving myself an extra 3 pounds for the baby-food machines  😉

Current weight138 pounds (6-weeks post-partum)


10 more pounds… I can do it!!! 


Family pic


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