Cinch 5 Day Detox

I like to occasionally read the blogs ( and one of them sparked my interest this week.  Cynthia Sass, Shape’s resident Weight Loss Coach, was discussing her new book Cinch and the 5-Day-Detox plan that can “change your life”.  The detox phase is supposed to kick-start a new diet by introducing order and simplicity and quick weight loss (up to 8 pounds) to cleanse your system and boost motivation. You eat the exact same meals, at the same times, every day for 5 days, although you can mix up the order in which you eat them (example – you can eat Meal 1 for dinner if you prefer).   According to Sass, this will “give your body, mind, and taste buds a fresh start and achieve real results.”  As an added bonus, you’ll supposedly end up with fewer cravings for salty, fatty, or sweet foods, as well as a new appreciation for real food’s natural flavor.  I can definitely use the sugar-craving suppression!

I decided to splurge and order the book ($15.59 on, which should arrive on my doorstep tomorrow.  I’ll start with the 5-day Detox and blog about my experience, then decide on how to proceed after I finish reading the book.  The detox phase consists of 5 ingredients – spinach, almonds, raspberries, eggs, and plain yogurt.  Fortunately I like all of the ingredients, so it doesn’t seem so bad.  I’ll start on Friday and continue  through Tuesday of next week, just in time for our Thursday office party!  Stay tuned…

(click on the picture to read the Shape blog from author, Cynthia Sass)