Weekly Summary

16 days to go until Hawaii!


Starting Weight:  144 pounds  (December 31, 2010)

Current Weight:  133 pounds 

Total Weight Loss:  11 pounds

Goal Weight:  130 pounds… almost there!



Howdy everyone.  Home on vacation today, so what to do?  Well, I woke up as usual at 5am, but laid there another couple of hours before getting up.  I can never sleep after waking up though.  Had a nice, Cinch-approved breakfast: 2 eggs, small bowl of low-fat granola with cherries, and a small cup of carrot juice.  Then I relaxed and read another few chapters of The Help, by Kathryn Stockett (excellent book).  After that, my husband I went for a 30-mile bike ride on the country roads near our home.  It sounds like a lot, but it’s really not that bad, and the beautiful scenery is a great distraction, although I really wish people would respect the local leash law (got chased by several dogs).  We’re in full-training mode for our 300-mile / 3-day charity ride in July. 

So now we’re headed to my parents’ for a long weekend.  I’m a little nervous because I tend to eat a lot when we visit family.  I think it must be psychological, because I notice that I tend to be really hungry whenever I visit anyone.  Probably years of good memories around food.  But it’s only 2 more weeks until we leave for Hawaii, so I can’t afford any more cheat meals!  As I discussed in Tuesday’s blog, I had a greasy, sugary cheat meal on Monday and as expected, it made me crave more all week!  I resisted, for the most part, but it was not my best week and did not lose any more weight.  (My husband is looking over my shoulder and rubbing it in that even after his french fry bonanza last weekend and several big cheeseburger meals, he’s still down 2 pounds this week… men have it much easier!!)  So I’ve prepared for the weekend by stashing some Seapoint Farms Dry-Roasted Edamame and Raisins in my purse for hunger emergencies.  I LOVE these edamame – they remind me of peanuts, but without the fat and salt!  Tasty and very good for you – it’s no wonder they call Soybeans “the wonder veggie”.

So here’s to sticking to my diet over the weekend!  Adios…