Is it Spring Yet?

Major tease last Sunday with a gorgeous 70-degree day, and then it snowed twice this week.  Spring, please hurry up!  I enjoyed the warm day so much that it was crazy cardio day.  Did an early 3-mile jog, then walked the 3-mile round-trip to my HOA meeting, and lastly, went for a 20-mile bike ride with my husband.  That’s about 900 calories burned!  Maybe that played a role in my nice number on the scale this week.


Starting Weight: 137 pounds (December 30, 2012)

Current Weight: 129 pounds (March 15, 2013)

My Goal: 125 pounds (Deadline April 12, 2013)


Next week I’m back on the road again, to Atlanta this time, where I’m well known for my love of desserts.  Dangit.  They actually booked the hotel based on who had the best cookies!  Thankfully, I know of a few good parks to go jogging and either encourage me to stay strong, or burn off my indiscretions.

Speaking of cookies, I just can’t help but bring back my favorite cookie cartoon… HA HA HA!  Have a great weekend!

If Cookie Monster went on a diet...

If Cookie Monster went on a diet…