The Standing Desk Experiment

As I write this, I’m dancing at my desk. Yes, literally dancing from side to side. A wonderful side affect of this new standing desk idea, and probably a little bit of a workout too. So I had planned to try this for at least a week, using an empty legal paper box as the “desk” to see if I’d like it before spending money. Well after about 3 hours, I ordered it. I LOVE IT!  It won’t arrive until tomorrow (thanks Amazon Prime!) so in the meantime, my legal box will do.

Standing Desk 2

Standing Desk 1

I had read about the benefits of standing at your desk versus sitting, but finally decided to pull the trigger.  Here’s a great article about it:  Standing Desks Sit Well With More Employees

So it seems I’m the first “lone soldier” at my company, and so far, lots of people have stopped by and expressed interest in trying it.  I guess we’d better order more legal paper!

More soon when the new desk arrives.

2 thoughts on “The Standing Desk Experiment

  1. I was trying to respond on WordPress, but forgot my password… so I’m not sure if replying to your email will post a comment or just bounce back to me. This is why I’m copying your work email.

    Anyway, my former roomie, Emily, LOVES standing at her desk and has for years. It really helps her because she has back problems. I’ll be curious to hear if your feet get tired… or if they get sore from standing in heels!

    • Ahh, good point, I’ll be sure and post about my feet next time! I’m keeping flats at my desk, but those are not recommended either because flats don’t have a lot of cushioning. I wore tennis shoes yesterday and changed into my heels when I left the office. I plan to invest in a new pair of work-appropriate comfy shoes soon! Like I needed an excuse for new shoes. =)

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