Adventures in Post-Partum Weight Loss

Every mother’s least favorite subject — getting back your pre-baby body.  I wouldn’t trade my darling baby girl for all the fat rolls in the world, but yeah, I’d totally love to get my body back!

My pre-baby body, and my ultimate goal!

My pre-baby body, and my ultimate goal!

The first 20 pounds melted away in the first 10 days, it was great!  The baby, placenta, and all that water weight; every day I got on the scale, I was down another pound or more.   So naturally I thought it would magically keep going, right?  Not.  It came to a screeching halt 15-pounds from my pre-baby weight, and that’s where it’s been for the past 20 days.  Ignoring the advice of so many, I quickly started working out, lightly at first, and counting calories, careful to budget an extra 500 for breast-feeding.  Every few days I’d weigh in to see if it was budging yet – nope.  In fact it rebounded back up a pound.  Hmm, week 3, let’s cut a little more calories and increase my exercise intensity.  Back on the scale, and back up a pound.  Dangit!  Okay, so this is going to be harder than I thought.

So one month in and I suddenly understand what everyone was talking about.  I’m in the dreaded weight-loss plateau, probably due to trying to cut calories too early while my body was adjusting and burning like crazy for seemingly round-the-clock breastfeeding.  Taking a deep breath now, and cuddling my baby girl to remind me that it was all totally worth it.  I think I’m ready now to heed the professionals’ advice and not try to lose weight so soon.  Let my body adjust and heal.  So, I am going to give myself a 1-month vacation… a vacation from the scale and obsessing over calories.  I’ll keep eating healthy and doing increasingly intense workouts once given the green-light by my doctor this week, but let my body do it’s thing and stop obsessing.  Sigh, easier said than done.


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