Biggest Loser / Winner!

Howdy everyone!  I’m overdue for a new blog.  Life has been so hectic (for all of us I’m sure), that I’ve not been putting too much thought into food.  Making good choices most of the time, but way too many bad meals and not enough motivation!  So my employer has started a new program through our fitness center called “The Biggest Winner”, a take on the popular TV show ” The Biggest Loser”.  Basically it’s a team challenge where the goal is to lose the largest percentage of weight over an 8-week period.  We’re 3-weeks in and I’m only down 1 pound.  5-weeks to go with some pretty aggressive catching up to do!

Lacking motivation yourself?  Get a team together and challenge each other in some way!  Or even better, bond together and join a local challenge!  There are all sorts of interesting ideas online.  This is such a great time of year to get outside and burn some extra calories doing things you enjoy – whether walking, biking, organized sports, whatever floats – or paddles – your boat.  What other ideas do you guys have to boost motivation?

The other great thing about Summer – awesome, fresh produce!  A while back, I promised to post some information about SuperFoods, many of which can be found at your local farmers market.  Below is a cool article I clipped a couple of years ago and have had it posted on my refrigerator ever since.  I try to incorporate these into as many meals as possible!




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