My new adventure: Stella & Dot!

Hello blog world!  I want to tell you about my new adventure as a Stylist for Stella & Dot!  I love their jewelry, handbags, and other accessories, so I finally decided, why not sell it?  I’m not quitting my day job anytime soon, but am super excited about my new part-time opportunity!

Don’t worry, I am not going to start daily jewelry blogs, but I might post a few sales here and there!   What better way to celebrate all our hard work towards healthy diets and workouts than with stunning jewelry?

Check it out.  The summer line is truly gorgeous.  Check it out…


S&D Trunk Show


S&D Summer 2013




4 thoughts on “My new adventure: Stella & Dot!

  1. Hey, you have a neat blog. I found you when googling re a cleansing food program (you did some stuff about “cinch”. I definitely don’t need to lose weight (31 and lower end weight) but having trouble with constipation, bad digestive system, and really bad food habits (eating food with a lot of meals and “bloating ” up), eating heavy foods, ‘binging” very late at night on “not so great foods)…so I don’t want to lose weight, but I need a few days to “cleanse” out my body and regain my normalcy for my digestion and stuff 😦
    Would super appreciate if you could email me with your thoughts…I LOVE that the 5 day plan seems so so simple (like it can’t mess up my tummy and might be nice and neutral)…but I also wonder…like 4 cups of raspberries is alot of berries and fiber 🙂 etc etc…okay, email me if you can. Super appreciated. Also, great blog role – I llike a lot of those also!

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by! I’m not a doctor, but it sounds like you just need to clean up your diet. There is a lot of berries in the “detox” phase, but i found they helped a lot of cleaning me out, so to speak. And I loved that after the 5-days, I lost all cravings for junk food!

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