Super Foods & Girl Scout Cookies!

Yep, it’s that time of year again.   Millions of girl scout cookies are now flooding our streets.  But don’t be confused by the title,  I’m not insinuating that girl scout cookies are a super-food… quite the opposite actually!  We’d probably have to detox on super-foods for a week to rid our bodies of the artery-clogging, thigh-sticking crap in those cookies.  I speak from experience, as I grew up a girl scout myself and love the darn things.  But after downing 8 little Samoas in the bat of an eye over the weekend, which cost me a whopping 560 calories / 28 grams fat / 40 grams sugar, I’m seriously focusing on those super-foods this week!!  



I found a very interesting blog on this subject, for anyone that’s interested, or just need a reason to say no to the alluring colorful box probably beckoning to you in your office right now… no doubt put there by someone trying to get them out of their house and push the calories onto someone else (guilty).    Here’s a thought, next time you see those cute little girls outside your local grocery or hardware store, give them $3.50 and ask them to donate the cookies!


OK, now back to real Super-Foods.  I want to post more about this in a future blog, but first a question…

What do you consider your own personal super-food? 

Forget if it’s on the official list or not – what is your perfect food?  I think mine would have to be an apple, honey-crisp or pink lady to be exact.  It’s sweet and delicious like candy, full of fiber and other nutritious vitamins, fairly clean to eat, and easily portable for those on the go.  Plus, very yummy with combined with peanut or almond butter (almonds = super food all-star).  Speaking of which, that is one of my favorite business travel tricks… when you have your continental breakfast at the hotel, grab an apple and one of those little peanut-butter packs.  It makes for an awesome afternoon snack during the often 7+ hour lag between business lunch & dinner!


3 thoughts on “Super Foods & Girl Scout Cookies!

  1. I really like your question! My personal super-food has to be a fresh-from-the-farmers’-market cucumber. Bumpy, dirty, and vine-fresh. Cucumbers are light, juicy, crisp, and cooling. The cooling aspect is so important to me now that I have been diagnosed with rosacea.

  2. Yum, I love cucumbers! They are great on salads, sandwiches, and make a great addition to a smoothie or juice because they’re almost tasteless and have lots of water. Thanks, Elissa.

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