Contest Winner!

Congratulations to everyone that participated and helped inspire all of us to achieve our goals.  We’re all winners!  But you know how it goes, there’s only 1 overall winner, and that is…

(click for link to

A M Y   A N D E R S O N!

  • Beginning weight:  168
  • Current weight:  159
  • Total loss: 9 pounds, 5%

Great job, Amy.  But no need to stop now.  You’re within sight of your overall goal, so keep going now that you’re motivated and on the right track!  I will e-mail you to arrange your prize!


One thought on “Contest Winner!

  1. Way to go to Amy!

    i have been praying the prayer for success for two weeks and can already see God working! Brian has decided to eat less & be healther! in 1 week he has lost 9 lb! I have lost 5, from 144 at my heaviest to 139, yesterday it was 138 :/(. We will keep working toward our goals! Thanks for doing this. I could not do this on my Own I am very weak, but after asking God for help I have done so much better. I thank God for you, Rebecca, and for your inspiration to people!


    Marti Bailey 423-767-3887

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