Its Friday Again!


Starting Weight: 137 pounds (December 30, 2012)

Current Weight: 131 pounds (March 1, 2013)

My Goal: 125 pounds (Deadline April 12, 2013)



Glad to see the scale still moving in the right direction, although I can’t take credit for any great feats of accomplishment.  I just haven’t been hungry this week, which makes it much easier!  Although… receiving 7 boxes of girl scout cookies, and putting them out for my office mates to eat, and not touching a single one myself, is actually a pretty huge accomplishment for me.  I know damn well that 1 of those little suckers will turn me into the ravenous sugar monster, so I’m determined to stay strong.  My evening Godiva truffle is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth and avoid any feelings of deprivation.  Just 6 more pounds to go to my ultimate goal, and am giving myself an extra 2 weeks since I know that realistically, 1-pound per week in the final stretch is already aggressive.  I also am going to a Florida resort for a week-long business trip in 6-weeks – the first bathing suit opportunity, which is extra motivation.  Our new gym at work, as well as my status as an official “Wellness Ambassador”, is also keeping me motivated.

For those that use MyFitnessPal… what’s up with the maximum sugar allotment?  I can’t have 2 pieces of fruit in one day??  I usually just ignore it, but I hate seeing the red!  I wonder if there’s a way to reset this number…


Food Diary


I’m eager to see who is the winner of the Jewelry Giveaway Contest!  Once everyone has had a chance to enter their final before & after numbers, I’ll announce the winner and contact you directly by Monday to coordinate your prize.  Thanks to everyone who has participated – it’s actually helped motivate me more than you know!


8 thoughts on “Its Friday Again!

  1. I too igore the sugar number. Not sure if you can reset it. I am also usually over in fiber which I think is a good thing!

  2. Beginning weight: 168
    Current weight: 159

    I am thrilled, and honestly a little relieved that my calorie disasters, scale divorce, and other problems didn’t keep me from losing weight! I am 14 pounds from my goal, and it actually seems to be in reach now. I wish we could keep doing this! It felt good to have a goal.

    Congratulations on being the Wellness Ambassador for your office. I am guessing bringing the Girl Scout cookies spoke to everyone’s need for sanity, which is a very important part of wellness!

    I hope everyone has had an excellent week.

    • GO AMY! Sometimes the craziness actually seems to help. Not sure how else I’d describe my first 6 weeks on this mission! And there’s not reason to stop after the jewelry contest… we can keep going together!

      • Excellent! I definitely want to keep going- it’s nice to have the accountability, and knowing that someone else is making the same efforts!

  3. Okay, my final stats are beginning weight 164-final weight 160. I thought I would make a lot more progress, but the good news is that those 4 pounds really came off in the last 2-3 weeks when I finally seem to have hit my stride. Loved the accountability of this. I also just joined a 30 5k’s during lent challenge which has been motivating. I don’t even want to be in the running for the jewelry, but I did want to give my final check in! Thanks for doing the blog, it is nice to read and know that this is a hard road and we all have bumps along the way but have to keep going!

  4. 30 5Ks during Lent?! That sounds amazing and challenging and intimidating all at the same time. I’d love to hear more about what is happening with that and what your experience is like doing something that intense!

  5. Yes, it is challenging, but not as hard as it sounds. Any movement of 3.1 miles counts as a 5k, you can run, walk, stairmaster, arc, whatever. OR-1 hour of exercise counts too, so if you do a zumba or spin class, that would count, as well as 1 hour of lifting weights. You can also do 2 per day if you need to. It has actuallyl been really motivating to me b/c there is a deadline, plus it is a Facebook group so you have to check in with your progress on that, I receive others updates and then it makes me want to go do it too. I have noticed a difference in my energy, and legs which has been awesome and it’s just been a few weeks.

    Regarding my fitness pal, I just started using that app too, I notice the sugar restriction also, mine is 24g which never seems to be enough, between fruit and some protein bars I eat that have 10g in them, I go over too. I also noticed that when I add cardio to my daily log it subtracts calories from my day, but if I just add strength training, it doesn’t take the calories away.

    And congrats on winning the contest, woo hoo!

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