The Healthy Mood (smile!)

Mood 1

I laughed out loud when I saw this picture while searching Google for my daily diet cartoon.  And it fits well with today’s theme – getting in a happier healthy mood!  There is an extremely strong correlation between my overall mood and my healthy habits; at least there is for me and I’m guessing for most of you too!  Ever since ramping up my workouts at our new company gym, I’ve been eating healthier again and my mood has been through the roof.  Hooray!   I even had a business dinner function Saturday night and choosing the healthy options was amazingly easy, especially since a nice 5-mile run got me off to a good start that morning.  I’m excited to hopefully start seeing the scale move in the right direction again.  It suddenly occurred to me last week that I’ve only got 5-weeks before my self-induced April 1 deadline, and have several big events starting in May (weddings, vacations, etc), and I want to reach my goal weight and transition to maintenance mode before then!

Do you have any other mood-boosting tips?

Thanks for those that commented on my Structure post.  I too think I do best when my life is a little more structured, but leaving some wiggle room for spontaneous moments and the occasional treat!  My husband and I bought 2 big boxes of Godiva truffles at a Valentine’s clearance sale, and we’ve really enjoyed picking out 2 each evening, then sharing them.  About 100 calories total and satisfies my sweet tooth!


Has anyone ever combined avocado and fruit?  YUM!  It’s the perfect combo of produce and healthy fats.  I’m sure there are lots of interesting recipes out there, but here are a few super-simple ones I like:

1) Fruit Salad:  chop up a 1/2 avocado and a cup of strawberries, mix with a little lime juice, and enjoy!  The recipe that inspired this (shown below) actually includes olive oil, honey, and pepper, but I modified it and didn’t think I needed 2 doses of fat – albeit, both the healthy variety.

Strawberry Avocado Salad Strawberry Avocados

2) BerryCado Smoothie: blend those same ingredients with a little skim, almond, or coconut milk for a creamy smoothie.

Avo Shake 1

3) AvoShake: mix all of the ingredients below.

Avo Shake ingredients

Have a great, healthy week everyone!


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