Final Countdown!

Just a reminder, that next Friday is the last day for the weight-loss contest!  A few of you are still in it, so stay on track this week and you’ll be picking out your new Spring jewelry!  Be sure and check in next weekend with your total weight loss since January 1, as well as your keys to success!



Starting Weight: 137 pounds (December 30, 2012)

Current Weight: 133 pounds (February 9, 2012, CORRECTED)

My Goal: 125 pounds

Deadline: April 1, 2013

I’m glad to see that some of you are doing well with your New Years resolutions.  I wish I could have been more inspirational this time around, but mostly I feel like a walking contradiction.  It’s more like YOU are motivating ME!  So thanks!  This week was yet another yo-yo.  We opened a brand new fitness center at work (pics below), which is very exciting!  I started off super motivated and got in some really great workouts.  However, there’s also been a few stressful business functions with delectable food and I always feel like I’m missing out if I don’t try everything, which always means I overeat.  Three days later I still feel bloated, despite lots of fruits and veggies the last two days.  Nothing a good, long run can’t fix.  I don’t want to obsess over my weight forever – I just want to reach my goal and then maintain, which I did exceptionally well a couple years ago, so I know I can do it again!



2 thoughts on “Final Countdown!

  1. Finally checking in! I’ve been participating in the weight-loss challenge- from a distance! I’ve had an interesting experience that I debated whether or not to share, but I think I will.

    I’ve had a history of the big swings in healthy eating and exercise, too. I’ve gone back and forth, and it’s been exhausting, and stressful on my body, for sure. I’ve gone on long periods of eating way too little, and then long periods of giving up and eating way too much. My heaviest weight (at least the one I know) is 39 pounds different than my lowest one. Almost 40 pounds of swing- that is absolutely mind-boggling to me.

    Then my scale’s battery died about three weeks ago, and I didn’t replace it.

    Very quickly, I felt like I absolutely had to regain the control in some way, by being very careful with my food intake and exercise (the food more than the exercise, by the way). Then, a different feeling took over. My mood was better with not being tied to the tyrannical number on the scale… it’s scary how much my mood depended on that feedback. “Bad” number = bad morning, “good” number = great morning. I hate that I let that number have that kind of power over my actual functioning in the real world.

    Then I moved away from the feeling of control and began to focus on the feeling of health and vitality that came from eating well and exercising well. I simply have not found another way to replicate that in my life. It feels awesome. When I’m feeling stressed or down, a workout can change it, and help me sleep, and help me control my appetite. I’m not as compulsively, obsessively hungry as I used to be. My actual desire for food has reduced. I am watching what I eat, trying to have some sort of raw fruit or vegetable with every meal, and allowing myself a regular sized bag of peanut M&Ms every day. No lie. I just save the calories for them, and it keeps me sane.

    I weighed in last week at my boyfriend’s house, and the scale was down about a pound from my last checked-in weight. That was after a week with two known calorie DISASTERS. That should be some kind of victory – right? – but I was in a terrible mood for the rest of the day. I now joke that I broke up with my scale for Valentine’s Day. It’s a crappy life partner, and I deserve better. I’ll weigh in on Friday and hopefully see more of the effort reflected. Eventually, I’ll have to buy the darn thing another battery, but I don’t want to give my scale daily focus anymore.

  2. Amy, thanks for sharing your experiences. I think we can all relate! I too have divorced the scale a few times, but then find that distancing myself too much allows me to lose focus. I think when I get to my goal, I’ll definitely do it less frequently just to maintain! I can also relate to the wild swings in calorie intake and weight, although my max fluctuation is about 10 pounds. I think we could all use a nice dose of peace with food. Just eat what we need and enjoy life!

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