Structure . . . ?

Before we get into “structure”, let me quickly recap my trip to Phoenix.  For starters, my sister and I were meeting up for a weekend in Sedona.  It’s Arizona, so naturally both of us were expecting warm, sunny, dry weather and lots of awesome hikes.  Not quite… how about freezing temperatures and about 7+ inches of snow!?  Does this look like Arizona to you??  On the plus side, the snow looked fantastic against the majestic red rocks.


I finally did get to go on a hike when the weather broke mid-week, just before my return home.  So worth it!

Phoenix Hike

After a week of travel, and a glorious Saturday celebrating Valentine’s Day, I woke up Sunday in the most terrible mood.  I always feel very sorry for my poor husband on these days because there is nothing he can say to make it better, actually quite the opposite!  I was suddenly overwhelmed by life.  We all have those days, right?  And I don’t even have kids!  But suddenly the house seemed dirty, the pile of mail and magazines to sift through was daunting, even cooking a simple breakfast seemed like an over-whelming task, since I started pancakes before realizing I was out of both eggs and milk..  And then there’s the endless e-mails e-mails e-mails.  Sometimes I feel like I need the structure to stay sane with such a hectic schedule, but other times, the structure feels like it’s smothering me.

I think my attempts at living healthy also fall into this category – I’m always either trying to be extremely structured and burn out or give up after I fall out of line, or, have no structure at all and end up slipping back to old unhealthy habits.  Obviously the answer is a healthy median, but that is easier said than done!

So what does everyone else do to stay sane??


One thought on “Structure . . . ?

  1. I think structure is key for me, in all aspects, it just makes me feel better. I carry a little spiral notebook in my purse and on the front page I have a running list of things I need to do and then on the subsequent pages I make daily plans. It just helps me stay orgainzed, more than structured I guess. But, when I don’t do it, I feel a little out of control. Also in my eating and exercise I seem to be the same, all or nothing.

    I haven’t posted on my progress in a few weeks, so here is a recap. In the end of Jan/beginning of Feb I did the 5 day cinch. I went from 164-156 and I felt fan-freaking-tastic!! My clothes fit better, I had more energy, it was awesome. Then we had weekend visitors (part of the motivation to do the cinch fast forward) and we ate out, cooked too much and I was gluttonous. In 2 weeks time the weight was back. For about 2 days I felt like a loser. Then I just started exercising, eating right and beginning again each day, even if I had a slip up the day prior. I am being reasonable and not making any radical changes or promises. I feel so much better mentally, and I think physically is following…

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