5-Minute Failure

Isn’t it amazing how you can spend all day making good choices, and then a 5-minute lapse in judgement sets you waaaayyyy back?  It’s such a bad, de-motivating way to end the day, and that pretty much sums up my week.  Some great workouts and good choices, followed by colossal 5-minute food failures.  Today it was a long stressful day, followed by a bowl of high-calorie homemade ice cream.  Wow, 660 calories in 1 cup of ice cream?  Holy cream!  That’s like 8 cups of blueberries!  I’m tempted to dump every ounce of sugar in my house, but that won’t fix my willpower issue.  I guess I’ll need to get up early and do 30-minutes on the elliptical to burn that off.

On the plus side, I discovered another running trail gem in Billings, Montana.  One of my favorite parts of business travel is finding cool new workout spots.  This week, I was travelling in remote Montana (my cell phone didn’t even work!) and found a great park atop a mountain overlooking Billings.  Headed out for a short walk, and ended up running 4.5 miles with ease.  Very nice.


A little nervous about weigh-in tomorrow, but determined to keep going.  Only 7 weeks until my self-proclaimed deadline.  Next week I’m headed to Phoenix and hope to discover some great hiking trails and healthy Mexican food!

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