Peer Pressure

Diet derailer of the day – peer pressure.  We all deal with it, but how do you cope and stay on track?

Todays’ scenario – boss arrives excited to give you a doughnut, since unfortunately everyone in the office knows you’re a sugar monster.  You decline politely and say you are on a new diet that limits sugar intake.  Boss stares at you blankly as if “What??? I just brought this doughnut for you all the way from Graeter’s in Cincinnati and you’re turning it down???”.  I agree to have a small sliver to try it.  Guilt sets in and sugar cravings begin.

So, what do you do?  The magazines all say to just decline politely, but we all know this is easier said than done.  Have you ever tried turning down your mother / grandmother when offered a dessert they slaved over?  That would induce guilt of a different variety.  Anyway, so I said I’d try a sliver in a little while, hoping my co-workers will devour them beforehand.  I hope everyone has a great day and can avoid those diet derailers!!


Diet Smiley


Today’s Menu & Exercise Plan

  • Workout (6:00 am)- 20 minutes yoga
  • Breakfast (7:30 am) – Pumpkin carrot protein smoothie
  • Snack (11:00 am) – Cocoa Roast almonds, rice Chex, GNC Pump Fuel (1/2 packet mixed with water)
  • Workout (11:30 am) – 60 minutes running (outside if the weather cooperates!)
  • Lunch (2 pm) – Leftover Ruby Tuesday coconut shrimp (2) with spaghatti squash
  • Dinner (6:30 pm) – Leftover linguine alfredo (very small portion) with 2 grilled jumbo scallops

3 thoughts on “Peer Pressure

  1. I just recently saw a program on Dr. Oz that actually recommends that every so often you give into that craving and have one bit of a doughnut, because it actually boosts your metabolism. So you have not messed up the diet for the day you are actually causing metabolism confusion and will rev up the metabolism by having had that small bite !!

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