Week 2, Off to a Rocky Start

By now, I imagine everyone is back from holidays and back at work, and if your office is like mine, there are way too many leftover goodies that people have brought in to clean out their kitchens. Cookies, boxes of candies, popcorn tins, and more diet traps. Yikes!

I managed to avoid the diet traps throughout the day and even squeeze in a hard workout at lunch, but then my willpower waned. An emotional evening turned into a bad dinner topped off with ice cream and then in bed by 8:30. Just one of those days. I normally would not post on days like this, but felt the need to show that a bad day doesn’t have to derail your efforts. Brush yourself off and start over tomorrow.

Goodnight all.


4 thoughts on “Week 2, Off to a Rocky Start

  1. Chin up, lady! I’m amazed by your 8 lbs achieved on your detox week. My starting weight was 168, now down to 163.8 after week one. Today, I took a page from your book and combined some berries with almonds for breakfast- not for the detox, but because it honestly looked delicious to me. I had it with a small container (4 oz) of the Stonyfield Greek yogurt with honey- perfect size, and only 90 calories.

    Tonight I was craving wings to eat while watching the football game, and decided to make some “naked tenders” inspired by the Naked Tenders at BW3s- pretty much the only thing I can eat there, which I’m okay with, because those suckers are *good.* I pulled off something similar with a plain chicken breast cut into pieces seasoned with Cajun seasoning. I browned them in a pan without any added oils (just non-stick cooking spray) and had them with some wing sauce I found at the store on the side. They were awesome! The problem was the two gluten-free beers I had on the side. Oh well- can’t win ’em all! I’m hoping that my cycling/spinning and pilates today helps mitigate the damage, otherwise, I’m gonna smell like Ben Gay for freaking NOTHING. 😉

  2. Hope you have a better day today. Days like that are my enemy. I have a hard time dusting myself off the next day and throw the towel in with horrible talking to myself like-well, you screwed up, you’re just going to be fat, so have a cookie! Haha, sounds so crazy. Someone once said about that it would be like if you had a carton of eggs and you dropped one on the floor and it cracked, ruined. Would you then say, oh hell with it and throw the other 11 on the floor? Of course I wouldn’t, because that would be wasteful, so I need to apply that to my life, hope you were able to today :-).

    My weekly check in is technically Thursday but will check in today since I’m here. I haven’t weighed, I’m going to try and only weigh on Thursdays so I don’t drive myself crazy. This was a tough week for many reasons but I decided to start anyway instead of not start even if there were some hurdles. We had dinners out, kids on winter break so we were at bowling alleys and movies. Some days I made good choices and some days I didn’t. However, overall I feel good, less bloated from holiday crap. I also started back to running which I have taken about a 6 month break from, it is like starting over, but feels good too.

    I am a substitute teacher and usually only sub a couple days a week but an in for a girl who broke her leg starting tomorrow and all of next week. I am going to the store today so that I am prepared with healthy lunches all week.

    I do Sparkpeople.com which sounds similar to my fitness pal. It tracks my calories but also keeps track of my protein and fiber which I am trying to stay in a good range on. Good luck and I’ll check in again next Thursday with my weigh in! Yikes!

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