SASS Fast Forward Recap & Weekly Weigh In

Hello everyone.  How are you doing in your first week of resolutions!?  I completed my SASS 5-day Fast Forward phase.  It was not nearly as hard as my previous attempts, perhaps because I was distracted and busy most of the time.  I ended up losing 8 pounds and feel totally de-bloated and ready to start the new phase.  Here’s my weekly weigh-in:


Starting Weight:   137 pounds (December 30, 2012)

Current Weight:  130 pounds (January 5, 2012)

My Goal:   125 pounds

Deadline:  April 1, 2013


Today started out great – its very exciting to return to regular food after detox.  My meals are below, as recorded in my food journal on   Although SASS does not preach calorie-counting, I really like the MyFitnessPal app because it not only counts everything I eat, but also negates what I burn through workouts.  Which is great when I see that I’ve overeaten and can fix it by doing a little cardio, even if just walking up and down my stairs at home for 20 minutes like I did today!  When I’m very focused on losing weight, my tendency is to cut too many calories, especially on hard workout days, which can totally backfire and lead to a binge.  Does anyone else use an online food journal?  If you also use MyFitnessPal, feel free to friend me @ Turtle177.

For those in the weight loss competition / jewelry giveaway, be sure and check in weekly!  I’d love to hear how you’re doing, what’s working for you, what tools you use, or anything else you want to share.  Have a great weekend…

Breakfast Calories Carbs Fat Protein
Gnc – Be-Wholesome – Health and Beauty Vitapak (All Pills), 8 Capsules 15 0 2 0 Ico_delete
Bolthouse Farms – 100% Carrot Juice, 8 fl. oz. 70 14 0 1 Ico_delete
Homemade – 100% Whole Wheat Pancakes, 4 medium pancakes 214 36 5 9 Ico_delete
Blueberries – Raw, 0.25 cup 21 5 0 0 Ico_delete
Mrs Butterworth’s – Sugar Free Low Calorie Syrup, 1/4 cup 20 8 0 0 Ico_delete
  340 63 7 10
Red Lobster – Coconut Shrimp (Each), 1 container (5 eaches ea.) 450 29 30 15 Ico_delete
  450 29 30 15
Perdue Simply Smart – Lightly Breaded Chicken Chunks, 3 oz 140 6 5 17 Ico_delete
Sweet Baby Ray’s – Bbq Sauce, Original, 1 Tbsp 35 9 0 0 Ico_delete
Homemade Lowfat Macaroni and Cheese – Macaroni and Cheese, 0.5 cup cooked 181 22 5 9 Ico_delete
Pictsweet Frozen or Fresh – Edamame (Steamed) With Sea Salt, 0.25 carton 28 3 1 2 Ico_delete
  384 40 11 28
Fresh Fruit – Honey Crisp Apple (Net Carbs), 77 g (1 medium) 40 11 0 0 Ico_delete
Chex Mix, General Mills – Chex Mix, Original, 1/4 cup (29g) 60 10 2 1 Ico_delete
Godiva Chocolatier – 72% Cacao – Dark Chocolate With Almonds, 1 blocks 60 4 5 1 Ico_delete
  160 25 7 2
Totals 1,334 157 55 55
Your Daily Goal 1,335 183 44 49
Remaining 1 26 -11 -6
Calories Carbs Fat Protein


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4 thoughts on “SASS Fast Forward Recap & Weekly Weigh In

  1. I not sue this is possible, but I had lost 2 pounds, but today I weighted in at 142.2! I have gained! I have done 3 workouts & have tried to diet, but did not stick to it every day, but better than my “normal” life. Do not know how I gained! Leave it up to me to figure a way, but Natalie & Jk are sick & have been up w/ them & that has made it less possible for me to exercise every day. My goal is to do my P90x 6 days a wk. I will weigh in tomorrow & see if any changes. & try & get my workout in , so I will have 4 out of 6.

    Marti Bailey 423-767-3887

    • Hey Marti. Don’t get discouraged – it’s a long slow process (other than a detox phase). Are you keeping a food journal? That might help. You don’t have to eat perfect, nor is that realistic. Lord knows I don’t! There’s lots of good ones online, such as, and most foods are already loaded into their database so you don’t have to look them up. I can call you at some point if you would like some help? Keep your head up!

  2. I weighed in today at 138.8- no exercise yesterday, I hope today, but Jk wants to be held all day since he is so sick :-(. Every breakfast I eat oatmeal with a glass of sim milk & some fruit, what ever fruit we have. Lunch & Dinner have been more of a challenge. I am going to try $ stick to a peanut butter sandwich on flat wheat bread w/ a few blue chips, fruit & a veggie. I read if u eat the same thing every day, you are more likely to keep the weight off you lose. So that is my goal for this week. I will have to think more on dinner . Have a great wk!

    Through God all things are possible.

    Way to go losing 6 pounds!

    Marti Bailey 423-767-3887

    • Isn’t it funny that we make this so complicated? When we were kids, we ate until we got full, but at some point as we got older, we started ignoring that body signal of “full” and eating because it was fun! Just do your best to eat with your family but listen to that little trigger that tells you when you’re full. And find time to workout, even if just walking!

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