SASS Day 3 & New Years Resolutions

So far, this round of detox has been pretty easy.  I’ve not been at all hungry, despite the shortage of calories, so apparently my body is still burning off what I’d eaten in the previous few days (goodbye holiday goodies).  Plus, I was apparently extremely bloated, as the scale rang in at 132 this morning.  Did you know that your body can carry around 10 pounds of water and waste weight!?  That is why we often “feel fat” after eating a bad meal or two — our bodies were not made to process those amounts of sugar, salt, and animal fat.  I’ll be interested to where I’m at on Saturday, after completing 5-days.  Last time I did this, I lost 8 pounds in the first 5-days, and I don’t really have all that much to lose!  Although very little of that is actual fat loss, it still feels amazing and sets the tone for the next phase of much slower weight loss.


Alright, so New Years Resolutions.  I suppose we all have them, even if we don’t talk about them or write them down.  I can sum mine up in 1 word – balance.  I would like very much to find balance, and ultimately peace, in my life.  Balance in my diet (obviously), fitness routine, work-life balance, and also with my family.  I can’t change anyone else, so all I can do is try and find that balance on my own.  As for the diet, even after getting back down to my goal weight, I want to be able to have the occasional splurge meal without feeling guilty and going off the deep end afterwards.  That has been my lifelong struggle!  Have 1 bad meal, not a week-long binge.

My fitness routine and work-life balance go hand-in-hand.  I spent the first year trying to cling to the schedule that worked for me at my previous job, only to feel disappointed, over-worked, and under-exercised.  I have to adjust.  Coming in to work earlier each day makes a huge difference – I can spend that extra 30 minutes to an hour catching up on everything before the hustle and bustle begins at 8am.  Then I don’t have to feel guilty to break away at lunch for a workout.  We are finally opening a nice new gym in our office next month, which will make lunch workouts so much more convenient and explainable.  But beyond the workouts, not everything is a crisis that needs to be dealt with at 9pm or over the weekend.  I will try and do a better job of putting away the work when I get home and focusing on more important things, or just relaxing!

Family is a whole other story.  We all have family drama, right?  I have to come to terms with the fact that nobody is perfect, least of all myself, but I need to be nicer and more tolerant of others differences.  Try to go with the flow more and control my crazy emotions.  Ahh, easier said than done, but I can try.

I think that’s all for today.  It feels good to put everything in writing.  Now I need to survive 3 more days of detox!  =)

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