OMG Stairs!

I know I’m not posting regularly these days, but every now and then something hits me that just needs to be shared!

Recently on a business trip to Las Vegas (dieters nightmare), I discovered that using the hotel gym would be an impossibility.  For one thing, it didn’t open until 7am (???) and it cost $22 (?????).  But I’m pretty resourceful and know you can get a decent workout just about anywhere with a little motivation, so instead I did some push-ups, tricep dips, burpees, and crunches in my room, then headed for the 20-flights of hotel stairs for cardio.  O. M. G.   I felt sick by the time I got up 10 flights.  What?  How can I workout regularly and feel so tired after 1 minute on the stairs?  25 minutes later, and many slow up-and-downs on those darn stairs, I was completely exhausted but satisfied with my great workout.

The next day I was not so satisfied.  I almost fell over when I tried to get out of bed, and walking between meetings was really embarassing.  The second day was even worse.  I could barely walk, mostly due to the excruciating soreness in my calves.  6 days later… yes, 6 whole days, the pain finally subsided.  So that got me thinking, even though I still maintain regular workouts, our bodies are pretty smart and adjust over time, so we have to keep changing things up.  Plus, anytime I get sore, that is a sure sign that I don’t work out that muscle group enough.  So the lesson is?  First, maybe don’t start with 25 minutes of stairs (ha!), but now I try to incorporate stair training at least 1-2 times per week.  Hotels are great for this because they usually have several flights that nobody else uses!  Often I’ll do it at the beginning and end of the rest of my workout in the fitness center.  Turn on my favorite song and hit those stairs until it’s over. 

How about you guys?  What workout totally kicks your butt and forces you to rethink your routine?


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