Finding Balance

I would like to once again talk about my new favorite wellness website / smartphone app –  It is helping me find balance in my diet and rid myself of guilt!!  Even during my best times, I have always had trouble with balance.  I’m usually eating very healthy, or very bad.  And when I finally lost the weight last year thanks to Cinch, it tipped on the side of very healthy.  When I’d “cheat” and have bad food, I’d end up feeling guilty and think – oh well, I’ve blown it, so I might as well eat whatever I want for the rest of the day.  Which usually turned into several days until I felt bloated and disgusting and got back on the healthy wagon.  Sound familiar?  So many foods were off limits – no burgers, chicken tenders, fries, candy, or my beloved ice cream.  Now, however, the MyFitnessPal tool is helping me see that I can still have “bad” foods on occasion, but compensate for those calories through cutting back in other meals or negating them with exercise.   Bye bye to several days of binge eating! 

So basically it works like this – I might splurge on a couple of doughnuts at breakfast, which puts you at 500 calories out of the 1250 I’m allowed to have all day.  So I know I have to either cut back the rest of the day, or do some extra exercise to net out below 1250. And it works!  I log my food, and if I see I’m over for the day, I make time for a walk, or even 10 minutes of stair climbing if that’s all the time I’ve got.  Whatever it takes to get below my daily goal.  And most of the time, I’m more aware of what I’m eating and what I’ll have to do to negate it, so it encourages healthier choices.  Plus, if I know if I have to eat something bad for me (such as a sample review at work), I go ahead and budget for it in advance and plan my day around that.  Plus it summarizes your cumulative calories, fat, carbs, and protein (or whatever you want to measure) as you add new foods.  Here’s a sample of today:

And there’s all sorts of reports you can run too… I mean if you’re a business-minded dork like me and want to see metrics for your progress.  LOL.

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