Chicken Nuggets & Fitness

I have a new appreciation for people that work in fast food restaurants.  I had to do restaurant training this past week, which is required for everyone at Wendy’s, no matter your rank.  It was actually great to get out and see how things work in the restaurants, but it took a major toll on my waistline.  I worked extremely long hours and was too tired to workout, and despite my efforts to eat healthy, 6 or 7 hours into a long shift sweating over the fry station, those chicken nuggets, french fries, and oreo-caramel frosty start looking really tasty.  Needless to say, I ate way more than I should have and feel disgusting right now.   And the scale confirms the bloat – up 3 pounds this week.  On the plus side, I know it’s not possible to gain 3 pounds in a week… that would involve eating an extra 10,500 calories, and I know I didn’t go that far, but it will still take a week to undo the damage.  And I’m travelling again this week… with my boss… who loves junk food… ugh.

Now that’s not to say there weren’t healthy options.  I helped make lots of great salads, chili (which is surprisingly healthy), and baked potatoes.  Problem is, I didn’t choose those options most of the time.  That’s all of our problem, right?  We have healthy foods available, we just don’t choose them.  I feel like the guy on “Supersize Me” and need a total detox for a few days to de-bloat. 

Anyway.  I’ve recently begun tracking my daily food and exercise at, which also has an app for your phone.  I discovered this cool new tool last year, but really didn’t start using it until my sister wanted to join a couple of weeks ago.  You can quickly and easily record everything you’re eating, as well as your exercise, and it balances it out and tells you exactly how many calories you have left for the day.   The restaurant I was working in had terrible cell service, so although I tried, I was not able to record most of the junk I ate,  but I’m back on track today.  Check it out… it’s pretty cool!  You can choose to keep your profile private, share with friends, or share publicly.  I will share mine publicly if anyone wants to join in and stay motivated together.  Here’s a snapshot of how it works, and my planned meals for today (click for link to online profile):


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