Ohio… Ice Cream Paradise

It’s a miracle that I’ve actually lost weight since moving here. Thank goodness for the hundreds of parks, running / walking trails, and bike-friendly roads. Basically, this area encourages an active lifestyle, which I need to burn off all my ice cream calories! There are literally 4 gourmet ice cream parlors within a 1-mile radius of my house, plus several more within 5 miles. Ice cream is my favorite food!  And did I mention that 2 of them are regularly ranked among the countries best?  Yes, we are the proud home of both Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, as well as Graeter’s (now found in some local grocery stores).  Check out the best in the U.S… maybe there’s one near you!  http://www.foodandwine.com/slideshows/best-ice-cream-spots-in-the-us


My initial arrival in Ohio really my put  healthy lifestyle to the test.  The move was tough, really tough.  I spent the first 3 months living alone in an apartment.  I thought that would actually be a benefit for me since I wouldn’t have anybody else to cook for, or any distractions from my workout routine.  Boy was I wrong.  First of all, I travel with my job… a lot.  The first 2 months, I was gone more often than I was home.  Lots of long hours, unhealthy business dinners, and intense stress took its toll.  When I was home, I only wanted to sit on the couch with a pint of Graeter’s (which was also 1 mile from my apartment!).   I also discovered that despite our dietary differences, my husband motivated me to cook healthy meals.  When I was alone, there was nobody there to question my decision to have mac & cheese with ice cream for dinner, and I didn’t feel the same responsibility to create healthy meals for my little family. 

 4 months into it, we sold our house in Tennessee, bought a new house, and my husband relocated with me.  Once again, life was chaotic.  The new house needed some work, and between that and the physical movement of our stuff, it was lots of fast food meals and very little real exercise other than lifting boxes  Over the course of the 6-month transition, I gained 6 pounds back and was so disappointed in myself.  I knew I had to get back on track or once again head down the same path I was on 2 years ago. 

Fast forward 6 more months… I’ve now settled into about 25% business travel and have actually discovered that I enjoy finding new places and new ways to workout on the road, often starting with free weights in the hotel gym and then heading to nearby parks for long walks after work.  I still run 2-3 times per week, and my husband and I walk around our neighborhood many mornings and evenings – a great way to either wake up in the morning, or blow off the stress of the day at night.  What’s more, I’ve found some female cycling groups recently that I’d like to start joining.  Cylcing is actually pretty amazing in our area.  Tons of wide, winding, mostly-flat country roads, and cars are pretty bike-friendly.  With all this fun exercise, it’s no wonder I lost all the weight again without really trying.  I actually saw 130 on the scale again this morning for the first time since last June. Woohoo!


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