A Year Later…

1 year later, and I’m back to WordPress.  Last year, my husband and I decided to start a new website dedicated to health, fitness, and a potential future business, but then life got turned upside down.  The new site was going to take a lot of work, versus using the awesome, free functionality here on WordPress and I really missed it!  Plus, I was really only using the blog function, and I found that people could not find me as easily.  My blog is more for self-motivation and venting my daily thoughts, however I think I helped inspire some people last year to lose weight and that was equally inspiring for me. 

ImageI let the website lapse and basically lost the year’s content, however I’m not sad about that.  My life got turned upside down, and while I’m happy to report that I’m still at my Summer 2011 weight, it was a tumultuous year and somehow leaving the blog behind feels like a new beginning.  Last September, I took a new job with Wendy’s (as in “old-fashioned hamburgers”) at their corporate office near Columbus, Ohio, so we made the more-difficult-than-expected move and I’m still struggling to feel settled.  We bought a new house in the cute little suburb of Powell, and I’ve been loving the endless walking trails, beautiful scenery, great food (especially ice cream), and friendly people.  However, the stress of my new job, as well as my husband’s struggle to find one is a constant strain.  I’m glad we like it here because I don’t plan to move again for a long time.


As for my weight, which was the central theme in my previous blogs, I’m happy to report that I’m at 132 pounds, pretty close to where I ended up after my 5-month Cinch journey last year.  I also have purchased Cynthia Sass’ new book,  ” Sass Yourself Slim”, which turned out to be a slightly revised, re-named version of the original, and have continued to follow the 4-small meals using all of the puzzle pieces.  Having done if for so long now, its second nature and I don’t get it much thought. 

I will try and make time for more blogging… it’s food for my soul!  Thanks for the push, Trish!


One thought on “A Year Later…

  1. Welcome Back Rebecca! Love that your spirit is intact just like your weight despite the curveballs in your life.. Wishing you lots of happpiness!!!

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