Just another Wednesday

Last week I blogged about wanting to become an R.D., and then quickly having my idea squashed when I realized the class schedules would not work.  In the meantime, I discovered some great certification programs through ACE that I think will be a good go-between while I figure out what I want to do long-term.  I’m registering this week and estimate that it will take me 5-6 months to complete, so finishing in December is my goal.  In the end, I’d be a certified Personal Trainer (pre-requisite), and more importantly, a Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach.  Exciting, and I’ve already booked my first job!  We have a fitness center at work and they do an annual weight-loss program, usually in January, so if I finish my certification in time, I can teach it! 

Anyway, shifting from being a weight-management coach to eating out (ha!), I was craving Zucchini Cake Minis and Sweet Potato Fries last night, so we went to Ruby Tuesday for dinner.  Sounds like a bad meal, but I had them hold the mayo and butter, so the total calorie count is in the 500-600 calorie range.  Not too terrible, although maybe I should have skipped the biscuit?  Mmm, it was good, and only added 90 calories. 

I actually found another blogger who did a pretty good job of copying the zucchini cake recipe, and making it healthier.  Check it out (click the picture):

I forgot to post my menu and workout yesterday, so here you go…

Daily Menu & Workout Plan:

  • 7 am – Honey Bunches of Oats cereal with 1% milk, carrot juice, vitamin 
  • 11 am – leftover Zucchini Cake Mini, strawberry & raspberry medley, 12 almonds
  • 1pm – Strength training: legs, cardio circuit
  • 3pm – Banana, plain 0% Greek yogurt
  • 6pm – Bike ride
  • 7pm – Scallops with veggies and 1/2 cup brown rice

I need a new vitamin.  Any recommendations?  I’m fine with drugstore brands, but there are so many that it’s a little over-whelming.

6 thoughts on “Just another Wednesday

  1. Thanks so much! I started it today. I bought the book on Amazon (should be here tomorrow). My birthday was Tuesday, Im 32 now and just had a baby in April. I gained so much weight and its sticking to me like glue. I was very thin last year because I conquered breast cancer. Once I got pregnant the weight just kept adding up and now that Im 3 months postpartum its fustrating me. I love your blogs and have read all of them. I saw the diet on Rachell Ray and I hope it works to keep me motivated to eat better.

  2. I read some reviews and this one seemed to get the best ones – One-A-Day Women’s Multivitamin, 200-Count Bottles (Pack of 2). I just bought from Amazon and got two bottles of 200 in each – should last til expiration dates!

  3. Gosh, you’ve been through a lot! I hope the diet is able to help you get back on your feet and feeling confident again. It’s worked wonders for me, even though I only follow it loosely these days.

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