Holiday Recovery

Did anyone actually get a wink of sleep last night?  Lots of neighbors were shooting off fireworks, which we enjoyed from our bedroom, but became very annoyed when it went on and on until midnight!!  Then I tossed and turned all night.  When my alarm when off at 5am, I considered staying in bed for another hour and skipping my workout, but would 1 hour of restless sleep really help?  Probably not, and I’m glad I got up because I had an awesome 6.2-mile run. 

I will be the first to admit when I mess up on my healthy eating habits, and I messed up big time this weekend.  We went to visit my grandmother, who after losing my grandfather 3 years ago, has decided to make cookies, chocolate milk, and ice cream her diet staples.  Hey, I guess when you’re 83 you can eat whatever you want!  At age 31, however, I need to eat well to ensure that I not only make it to 83, but still feel decent.  What’s more, she’s become a lot more “honest” in her older age, and despite losing 14 pounds since January, still tells me I’m “not a small girl”.  Um, thanks Grandma.  I love you too.  Needless to say, after that comment, I lost my will power and joined her in eating cookies and ice cream the rest of the weekend, in addition to the healthier meals I made for all of us.  Blah.

I got back on track Monday, despite a handful of Hershey kisses.  I ran my favorite weekly errand – grocery shopping – and spent about 3 hours cooking and prepping food for the week.  So let’s review what I made . . .

First up, Quinoa Porridge.  I actually got this recipe from a Kroger newsletter, along with great coupons.  I love Kroger.  It was very quick and easy to make, and was delicious!  I halved the recipe and made 2 servings, subbing cranberries for raisins and topping it with 1 tsp of sugar-free maple syrup.  It was just as delicious fresh out of pot as it was microwaved this morning, and made an excellent pre-workout snack.  A+ rating.

Next up, Sweet Potato Quinoa Cakes.  I got this recipe from fellow blogger, “Eating Bird Food” (click for link & recipe), and decided to try it because I love anything with sweet potatoes.  They were surprisingly easy to make.  I chopped the sweet potatoes and microwaved them for 5 minutes, rather than steaming them, and that seemed to work just fine.  I did not have any sage, so I used a Moroccan Spice blend that I got from Pampered Chef, which added a very nice flavor.  I then paired them with spinach for healthy lunches the rest of the week:

Now on to dinner … I decided to try the new Philadelphia Cooking Creme after getting a good coupon and recipe for Creamy Italian Chicken & Orzo.  I chose the Italian Cheese & Herb flavor, and used whole wheat spaghetti instead of orzo pasta.  The recipe was easy to make, and I really liked all of the fresh veggies, but I was shocked that it called for the entire container of cream cheese, which adds 440 calories, 36 grams of fat (20g saturated), and 1920 grams of sodium for approximately 4 servings!  Yikes.  I cut it down and only used about 2/3 the container, then added some fresh basil for more flavor.  My husband, who is a picky eater, gave it 7 out of 10 stars after smothering it in extra cheese.  I’d probably give it about a 7 also (without cheese), but will probably not make this again due to the calorie and sodium content.

Finally, dessert!  I found a recipe for Coconut Pops, a childhood favorite.  I subbed Truvia for sugar, used unsweetened coconut flakes, and 1% milk.  After 6 hours in the freezer, they were not quite ready to eat last night, which was very disappointing, but I did use a spoon to scoop out a little and try it and they were quite good.  I’d definitely make these again before buying the sugary variety at the grocery.

So there you have it.  My fridge is full of food for the week.  Besides the prepared foods above, I’m fully stocked with my weekly staples as well, which fill the gaps in my daily menu – berries, bananas, apples, greek yogurt, wraps, avocado, beans, fresh salsa…  And my garden is finally starting to come alive, so I should have fresh veggies very soon!  I’ll blog about that later.

Have a great week!!

3 thoughts on “Holiday Recovery

  1. New to your blog. I was thinking about doing a detox…and that’s how I found you. I’ve seen a lot about the Cinch! book on TV and all over the Internet (works for me because I’m a vegetarian). Gotta say that I love your writing style and your honesty! 🙂

    • Ha ha ha, thanks! I’m not a true vegetarian, but I do eat a mostly vegetarian diet. The detox works well if you want to see a quick weight loss and get that extra motivation, but it is too restrictive for some people. I still follow the Cinch basics every day and am down 14 pounds since I started in January. I didn’t have too much to lose, so it’s been slow, but it’s staying off and I don’t feel deprived! GOOD LUCK!

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