The Cake Debate

Should you be required to have a cake on your birthday?

Believe it or not, this issue came up on our recent family vacation. My birthday was a few days into the trip and at that point, I was still determined to maintain my healthy eating habits. I knew that giving in to even a small dessert would send my sugar cravings through the roof and the rest of the trip would be spent over-indulging.

So anyway, this became a huge debate with my family and I’m very interested in an un-biased third-party opinion. If it’s my birthday, shouldn’t I be able to choose what we eat? Or am I being a party-pooper by denying everyone else cake because I don’t want it?


In the end, we did buy the cake and I did over-react about not wanting it, but then I had 4 pieces over the next 4 days and as I knew would happen, over-indulged the rest of the trip.  Hmm.

3 thoughts on “The Cake Debate

  1. Maybe you could have chosen a cake you didn’t like? Or, gone along with the cake as long as everyone agreed it would only exist that one evening? (no left overs) I stress eat and it sounds like you do to, so chances are that you might have over-indulged on that trip anyway. Just chalk it up to family togetherness and go right back to healthy eating after you’re back home.

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    I know how stressful these situations can be. I think there are a couple of ways around it. If you are able to choose or identify the birthday cake you feel comfortable eating yourself, or better yet, make it yourself with ingredients you are happy with, and then insist after the candles have been blown out, and you have had a small slice, that you would like to cut it up and distribute it amongst your guests to take home. If there is still cake over, even if you are away on holidays somewhere, you may find you can give some to your neighbours.

    Last year I was on holiday in New York and so I organized my own birthday cake – I bought an organic chocolate cup cake from Wholefoods and popped a candle on top! I felt like I got to make my birthday wish and then I cut it in half and shared it with my husband! Cake eaten, birthday celebrated, everyone was happy! Most importantly, the person who needs to be happy on their birthday is the one having the birthday, so stick to your guns – it’s your day to say what YOU want! Happy Birthday! (Mine’s on Monday, so I am about to deal with the cake issue again too!)



  3. You don’t have to have birthday cake to celebrate a birthday. Who thought of the idea anyway?

    Not to say I don’t like cake but my boyfriend and I don’t always buy or make cakes for one another because we know we don’t want a cake sitting around the whole week afterwards. One time my boyfriend even stuck a candle in a skinny cow ice cream bar for my b-day. I honestly don’t think it’s a big deal to not have a birthday cake.

    Just my 2 cents. Happy belated birthday!!

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