Power Outage!

Our power went off during a storm last night around 8:30pm.  (Click the picture below for the news story.)  I didn’t think much of it and assumed it would be back on later in the night.  It was also the night before trash / recycling day, so everyone’s cans were outside and all ended up at the end of the street, tossing trash as they went.  What a mess!  It was pretty neat to see all of the neighbors come together outside after the worst had passed to try and help each other pick up the mess. 

3am and still no power.  The A/C is off, it’s 85 degrees in the house, our windows are open, and a psychotic mockingbird is working hard to keep me wide awake.  I manage to lay there a few more hours. I started to panic at 6am when the power was still out and I realized I couldn’t open the fridge without risking ruining the food in there.  It could be 2-3 more days before power is restored!  Thank goodness, our fridge was somewhat barren since I am doing detox and had not yet stocked up at the grocery, but there is still some valuable stuff in there! 

What to do?  First, I had a banana, almonds, and dry cereal for breakfast.  Later, I hatched the idea to get the valuable and pre-made stuff out of my fridge & freezer and take it to work (being a restaurant company, there are lots of refrigerators / freezers).  That basically consisted of a bag of frozen meat and seafood, and another bag of cheeses, lunch meats, and all of my pre-made yogurt parfaits, berries, and spinach. 

That still leaves quite a bit of veggies, fruit, ice cream, eggs, milk, and various condiments in our fridge at home.  So I’ve been thinking of how best to utilize these items tonight if we don’t get our power back.  My first thought was to have ice cream for dinner (hooray!) and cook off everything else on my gas stove or grill, then use them for meals over the next few days.  But then how would I store them?  I suppose I could get the ice that’s left and fill a cooler. 

Thankfully, we did not have any major damage to our house, just a broken patio umbrella.  Many of our neighbors were not so fortunate.  So I will count my blessings if the worst I experience is $100 of wasted food and some scattered trash.


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