Sweet Success!!

Oh my goodness, I decided to weigh in today, a day early, and was so glad I did – 129.6 pounds!  I have not see the 120’s since my early college days!  Funny though, my phone apparently weights 4 ounces, which put me at exactly 130 pounds, my goal weight, and just in time for Hawaii!  I am so excited…

So given that I’ve reached my goal weight, I’m adding back a few whole-grain carbs at breakfast and lunch for the remainder of the Detox to ensure I can get through my work-outs.  I guess this seems counter-intuitive, not to stick to it and lose a few more, but I’m comfortable sticking to a healthy, slow weight-loss and don’t want to give up my workouts for the rest of the week.  (You should not do strenuous exercise on Detox due to lack of calories.)   At this point, I’m setting aside the scale and just focusing on my continued efforts of healthy eating and regular exercise.  I figure my weight will end up wherever is my ideal weight. 

So my meals today are basically the same, except that I added a small bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with my breakfast, and some Kashi 7-Grain Crackers with my snack.  This should be enough extra calories and carbs to fill me up and help me through my last few pre-vacation workouts.   I actually got too full for my berries and almonds at breakfast, so I saved them for my dinner smoothie.


I’ve taken some before and after pictures – from December and today – but am debating whether or not to post them.  I’m partially clothed in both, and it’s really no more than you’d see at the pool or beach, but something about posting them makes me nervous!  Maybe it’s the thought of one of my employees discovering my blog, or becoming the next “WeinerGate” political scandal … ha ha ha.  Would it help everyone stay motivated if I post them??

3 thoughts on “Sweet Success!!

  1. Congratulations! You must feel elated and proud, and justly so! You will now enjoy that vacation, a glorious reward for all of your dedication to your health and spirit!

    Best wishes,


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