Getting over the Hump

11 days to go on Bikini Body Countdown!

Wednesday… “Hump Day”.  I always disliked that phrase, for some reason.  Half-way through the week, but so much work that I wish I could back-track to Monday and get more done.  I’m starting to panic a little about how much I need to finish before I leave for vacation.  Sadly, I do plan to take my lap-top and check in on work from Hawaii every morning.  It’s not a requirement, and usually I’m all about turning off all electronics when I want to get away, but I’m leading a huge new project and my vacation is right in the middle of implementation.  So I think spending 20 minutes each morning is a small price to pay to avoid the mess I’d come back to after two un-interrupted weeks.

So today I got to be in a commercial, which basically entailed sitting around for 4 hours and doing a 10-minute shot where you might see my elbow.  I’m glad I had my lap-top with me!  However, I regretted having spent 4 hours last night trying to get ahead of the office time I’d be missing this morning, thinking I’d be so “busy” at the video shoot.  Not only did I sacrifice a good night’s sleep, I also ended up very hungry at 11pm, 5 hours past my dinner.  So according to Cinch, you should never go more than 5 hours without eating, even at night.  But I didn’t have any good snacks that appealed to me, so I ended up eating a handful of candy hearts leftover from Valentine’s Day, plus one too many baked chips, a small glass of milk, and about 10 apricots.  I could have done worse, I guess, but it certainly wasn’t my healthiest meal.  Oh well, I’m not stressing over it.  The lesson is not to stay up too much past your bedtime!

My meals are a little wacky today – basically snacks that I could fit in my purse to tide me over during the shoot.  Looks like too many fruit and nuts.  No idea what I’ll do for lunch.  I guess find some healthy fast food nearby.

Meal Plan Time
Yogurt parfait 7:30
Granola bar 10:00
Apples, almonds 12:00
… whatever I can find that’s healthy 3:30
Scallops and cooked cabbage 7:30
Workout – Arms / Legs, Jump Rope, 18-mile bike  

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