Super Foods & Packing

13 days to go on Bikini Body Countdown!

One of my favorite views from Hawaii. I actually have a picture of my siblings and I in front of this lookout when I was 15.

Packing has commenced!  Yes, I don’t leave for 2 weeks, but I have a love-hate relationship with packing and thus it works best for me to start early.  I am an infamous under-packer and like to travel light, usually taking only a tiny duffel bag for weekend trips that I throw together the night before.  Our weekend trips are usually to visit family, and thus packing basic necessities such as toiletries and snacks is not necessary.  I usually don’t even pack a make-up bag for weekends, just make do with the few things I carry in my purse.  So long trips are a whole different animal.  I love travel, but for some reason, I always go into a packing funk a couple days before I leave and can’t seem to put a decent outfit together to save my life.  I think it’s probably a panic over running out of time and forgetting stuff, and also my obsessive organization.  So my guest room has been transformed into the Hawaii Packing Room, and over the next week, I’ll add things to the room.  Then the following week, I’ll go through everything, try on outfits and accessories to make sure they actually go together (haven’t we all made that mistake?), take inventory of toiletries, and add anything else that comes to mind.  Sound crazy?  It doesn’t take as much time as it sounds, it’s just my personal packing strategy and I’ll end up thinking of new things to add every day until I leave! 

OK, moving on.  I found this article in our AAA magazine, and thought it was worth posting.  It’s a list of the Top 10 Superfoods, and I’m happy to say that I incorporate most of these into my daily diet!  A couple that I don’t, but probably need to look into, is Garlic and Green Tea. 

Below is my meal plan for the day.  You’ll notice that I occasionally incorporate a little meat into my meals, but still eat a mostly vegetarian diet.  Although animal welfare is a major concern for me, I do not claim to be a committed vegetarian and think that simply cutting back on your meat consumption and getting protein from plant-based sources can offer a lot of health benefits, while also being more environmentally friendly (animals use more resources than plants).   The Cinch plan is very helpful in this regard – offering tons of vegetarian or vegan substitutes in the book and encouraging everyone to try eating vegetarian several days a week. 

Meal Plan Time
Grape Nuts cereal with berries, 1 cup carrot juice 7:30
Yogurt parfait, 5 crackers 11:30
1/2 ham & avocado sandwich on pumpernickel 2:30
Apple, pretzels (pre-bike snack) 6:00
 2 veggie soft tacos 8:00
Workout – Chest/Back, 30m cardio circuit yes
Vitamins yes

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