Bikini Body Countdown – 26 days to go!

Somehow, I managed to hit the off button on my alarm clock this morning instead of snooze, despite the fact that it’s a hundredth the size and harder to reach.  ???  I momentarily debated snoozing another 30 minutes and skipping my Tuesday morning run, typically my longest of the week, but then I remembered the incredible high that I feel all day on Tuesdays and decided to make the best of the shortened time.  Alas, I had an awesome 4.5-mile run and was so glad I did not skip!  I tend to have great workouts when I’m in a rush because I don’t have time to be lazy. 

And on the subject of morning [or lunchtime] workouts, some of my friends and family have said that they cannot work out before or during work because they don’t have time to wash their hair and don’t want it to get dirty.  Having long, wild and wavy hair, I can totally relate to this issue, but that does not stop me!  For morning workouts, I typically french-braid it the night before, which keeps it out of my face during my workout and leaves nice waves with no styling necessary after I shower and shake it out.  (see picture… not my best, but hey, does it look like I didn’t fix my hair?)  If I want to keep it straight, I tie it up into a bun.  This keeps it up and out of my face, prevents sweat and humidity from making it frizzy, and also does not leave the tell-tale pony-tail line.  I often wear it like this at night too, which makes it last longer between washings.

OK, enough about hair.  What am I eating today?

Meal Plan Time
Homemade Fruit & Nut Bar 6am
Greek yogurt with berries 9am
Watermelon, Pretzels, Almonds 12pm
Big salad with veg & avocado 3pm
Shrimp and cooked cabbage 7pm
Workout – 4.5 mile jog, 30-min elliptical, jump rope  yes
Vitamins  yes

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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