Starting the Week off Right!

Bikini Body Countdown – 27 days to go!

It always helps to start your week by slipping easily into a suit that was a bit snug last year.  I’m really enjoying getting dressed these days, suddenly my entire closet is a possibility again.  So, let’s keep up the momentum with a good week of healthy eating and vigorous exercise as I continue on my Bikini Body Countdown.  I’d like to be down another pound this Friday (134), although given how much weight I’m lifting, I’d also be OK breaking even as long as my clothes keep getting looser.

So the day began with a Fruity Waffle Sundae, sans dairy (didn’t have any on hand).  This was one of my favorite Cinch recipes and I continue to eat it about every week.  *** For more about the Cinch Recipes, refer to my January blogs – there are lots of them!  There’s also a Cinch Spreadsheet that includes a lot of the recipes, plus a food journal and weight tracker. ***





Meal Plan Time
Fruity Waffle Sundae 7am
Watermelon, Sunchips, Almonds 11am
Big salad with veg & avocado 3pm
Banana, pretzels (pre-bike snack)  6pm
Small veggie wrap 8pm
Workout – Chest/Back weights, 15 min elliptical, 10-mile bike  

7 thoughts on “Starting the Week off Right!

  1. Just wanted to say thank you! Your blog is really helping me keep on track with the Cinch Diet. I especially appreciate your candor and positive spirit. I have three young children and really have very little personal time but am inspired by your success and that keeps me going. (:

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    Your website is very inspiring, thank you! I am writing because I am starting the Cinch! Fast Forward today, and I had a question… I measured out 2 cups of frozen raspberries last night, for this morning’s breakfast. Only when I was dishing them up this morning, 2 cups of frozen berries now measured just over 1 cup of defrosted berries! I ate a cup of the defrosted, but am now worried I have eaten perhaps a double portion?! What do you think?

    Also, as I live in Sydney and our organic stores are not on the same scale as Whole Foods etc in the US, I bought a bag of whole organic almonds, which I smashed up a little in my Magimix. They are not exactly slivered, but I guess if I stick to 2 tablespoons of them, I am still OK?

    I would appreciate your thoughts – thanks so much –


    • Hi Trish. I had the same issue when I first started Detox. The 1 cup of berries for each meal refers to fresh or frozen, which means they’re plump and take up more space. They do shrink by almost half if you thaw out the frozen variety, so measure out 1 cup before you thaw. You may have had too much in that first meal, but I wouldn’t worry about it. Berries are pretty low in calories!

      I also smashed up my almonds and still used 2 Tablespoons, although if you wnat to be exact, I’d probably use a little less since the smashed variety is probably a little more dense. Maybe 1.5 Tbs? Hope that helps. I’m actually doing Detox one more time next week prior to leaving for vacation!

      • Hi Rebecca,

        Thanks so much for your advice, I do appreciate it! I had a feeling I had eaten too many berries at breakfast, so I started cutting back during the day – one certainly eats a lot of raspberries in this phase! (Which I love!)

        I felt amazing at the end of yesterday, I’ve never been able to stick to a diet/detox, so to get through the day and to feel so clean and clear and actually be excited that there are 4 more days to go is a revelation to me! (A friend once asked me if I had tried the lemon detox diet, which I had. I lasted approx. 90 minutes which we think could be some kind of record).

        Enjoy your vacation – and thank you again. I love your blog and will continue to find inspiration in it!

        Warm regards,


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