The Scale Finally Budged

How is it that a scale can make or break your day?  It’s crazy how much it can control our mood, and therefore I have not weighed in but once in the past month!  But today, I suddenly had the urge to weigh in, despite having eaten a big breakfast and a big glass of water, I just felt lean and wanted to see if the scale would finally budge.  And oh boy it did – 3 pounds this week and down to 135 again.  It felt especially great because I don’t feel like I’ve been dieting – lots of carbs (mostly rice, whole wheat bread, and fruit) and over-eating at dinner because I was so depleted from my daily workouts.  So to see the scale start going back down on an average week is an excellent way to kick-off the final month of Bikini Body Countdown.

30 days to go!

Meal Plan Time
Granola with skim milk, strawberries & coconut 6am
Tuna casserole 10:30am
Mixed berries & almonds 3pm
Beef teriyaki & veggies 7pm

Workout:  Rest day / 30 minute walk


One thought on “The Scale Finally Budged

  1. Good for you! I think I’ll hide my scale and only bring it out every three weeks!
    I learned that doubling my workout a couple times a week has made a difference – something in the morning and something else in the late afternoon. Thanks for all your tips.
    Good luck with your countdown.

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