31 Days to Go!

31 days to go and feeling great!  I got in 2 great workouts before work and at lunch, but my work schedule was pretty hectic and my eating schedule was off.  I got hungry and had a little snack between meals, not leaving the Cinch-recommended 3 hours between, but oh well.  Could have been much worse!

Meal Plan Time
Almond butter & honey sandwich 6am
Greek yogurt with berries and granola 11am
10 crackers + 12 almonds + 4 dark chocolates 1pm
Tuna casserole 3pm
Beef teriyaki & veggies 7pm

Workout – 4 mile run, Weights (arms, shoulders), 2 mile walk

I tried a new recipe for Tuna Casserole this week that incorporate sweet potatoes, peas, and spinach.  So it’s loaded with protein and veggies.  It was pretty good and worked well for work lunches.  I’d give it a 7 out of 10.  Check it out…

As for dessert, my husband and I unfortunately LOVE sweets, and thus I’m trying to drop a few pounds.  This ice cream from Kroger has been an amazing substitute to an otherwise decadent splurge.  It’s low-fat and has no added sugars, so I can have a 1/2 cup and not feel guilty!  But the best part is that it actually tastes amazing!  I’d rather skip dessert than eat something that tastes fake or processed, but this actually tastes like regular ice cream and is always in our freezer… plus it costs about $2.50 for 12 servings!  It is a processed food and has a lot of artificial ingredients, so I’d not recommend it for daily use, but if you really need a tasty, inexpensive dessert that won’t bring on the bulge, this fits the bill nicely.

Have a great day!!!


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