I completed 2 days of detox and feel de-bloated from my bad weekend.  Now I’m prepping for a weekend with my family and hoping to resist the feeding frenzy that usually ensues.  I’m hosting them at my house however, and rather than stock up on bad food that I know they’ll like, I’m determined to eat like we normally would and show them that eating healthy can taste good! 

On the menu for tonight – bbq burgers (I’ll skip), roasted red potatoes, broccoli, and strawberry shortcake made with sugar-free angel food cake.  That may not sound like the healthiest food, but it’s well rounded and no fattening butters or sugars will be used in preparation.  Breakfast will be veggie omelets, whole wheat toast, and fruit smoothies.  The rest of the meals will likely be eaten out, so I’ll try and stick to healthy options!

I found this on my car when I left work yesterday.  It’s nice to know that after nearly 13 years together, it’s still possible to show these simple little signs of affection.  What have you done (or gotten) for your partner lately?  Show them they are loved!

Next week I will start posting about “Cinch on a Budget” and start tracking what I’m eating to stay on the Cinch plan while also sticking to a tight budget!


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