9 miles in 1.5 hours, all before work!  What a great way to start the day.  Today was my last pre-marathon run and I was flying (compared to my usual pace).  Not sure why my last 3 runs have been so good, after weeks of bad ones.  Perhaps it’s my carb-loading the night before?  My husband surprised me with dinner last night, which was very sweet, but mostly carbs — 1/2 burger, baked fries, fruit, sugar-free cake!  I ate it and worried about how it would affect me this morning, but it seemed to have helped.  I recall that the same thing happened on my last good run – a big, high-carb dinner the night before.  I usually eat a pretty light dinner with very few carbs, but perhaps there’s some truth to the theory about carb-loading the night before a big athletic event?  I’ll have to try it out this Saturday before the marathon!

I’ve been really enjoying my meals this week, although I’m quite hungry today after such a long run, so I’ll be adding a handful of almonds to my Veggie & Hummus snack!  The Tropical Salad was awesome yesterday!  I had no idea coconut oil could work so well in salad dressing:


The veggies with Athenos Garlic Hummus were also quite tasty, although I’m trying hard to resist the afternoon sugar munchies.

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